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You Can't Spell "Aaryn" without "Aryan."

Back to the living room, where Elissa, Nick and Helen are sitting on the nominees' couch waiting for the vote. Elissa gets to make her nominee speech first, which is an obnoxious chirpfest complimenting America's "discernment." That's not only announcing that she's been MVP all along, but saying she deserves it. She also gives shout-outs to her homies, including the "Brenchel Army," which I didn't know existed, but will be declaring war upon shortly. She adds that she's the target, but Nick's a bigger threat and asks, "Do you want to win Big Brother or do you want Rachel's sister to be out of the house?" Nick boisterously sucks up to several of the other houseguests individually, like a guy who isn't worried at all. Helen is all positive, saying she's a fan and is honored to be considered a threat along with the other nominees. The voting begins with Jeremy, who votes out Elissa. Kaitlin votes the same way, after being kissed by Jeremy in the corridor to the Diary Room. Andy votes to evict Nick, GinaMarie votes to evict Elissa, Judd votes out Nick and so does Spencer! So much for the Moving Company, I guess. Jessie also votes out Nick, Howard votes out Elissa and McCrae votes to evict Nick as well. So does Amanda, meaning Nick is done. Candice also votes to evict him and that wraps up the voting. But the houseguests will have to wait until after the break to get the news. "Which will probably come as a surprise to some," Julie intones. You think?

Julie has been busy tallying the votes during the ads: Elissa got four votes for eviction, Nick seven and Helen none. Not a bad result for Helen. Julie gets back on the viewscreen to tell Helen she's safe. When she tells Nick he's been evicted on a 7-4 vote, he's completely stone-faced with shock, while GinaMarie bursts into tears. Nick's exit is pretty quiet aside from GinaMarie's mob-funeral sobs and someone whispering, "I need a monitor." He at least has the grace to look shamefaced as he walks out to join Julie in the studio. There's a lot of crying and hugging in the house as Nick's photo on the memory wall goes gray. Julie asks him, "What is going through your brain right now?" Nick speculates that Spencer must have turned on him and is about to say more when Julie interrupts, "Why?" Nick figures Spencer had all the power, as the only person Nick trusted completely, but he must have figured out that he had no more need for Nick. He admits that he might be super-wrong. "You're super-right," Julie tells him, because it's not like Nick is going to be on the jury.

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