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You Can't Spell "Aaryn" without "Aryan."

Nick claims not to be mad at Spencer, saying the other people he trusted were Howard, Jeremy and McCrae. Julie tells him how those votes went down, and Nick chalks it up to how they had their "fake" game to cover the Moving Company game and the fake one started getting real. He even admits that he himself would have been hanging out with GinaMarie given a couple more weeks. As for the Moving Company, Nick figures that they did a shitty job of keeping it secret, so it's probably done anyway. In the farewell messages, McCrae says he had to turn on the Moving Company for his own game. Jeremy is all pissed in his message as though he recorded it after Nick's departure. Elissa simpers, "Better you than I," and wishes him the best. Helen says he's one of the smartest and strongest, "which is why you needed to go." She apologizes for her part in Nick's eviction, but says she wants to win. GinaMarie says she'll see him soon. Nick realizes that GinaMarie was the only person who was that into him, and Julie says he might have been better off kissing Jessie: "She might have given you a vote." Get Julie, with the wise-assery!

We can tell early on what kind of HoH competition we're in for, because we see footage from last night of the houseguests being awakened at all hours and going outside to find a conveyer belt full of cardboard boxes for them to look at and try to memorize. After that, we're back live in the backyard, with outgoing HoH Aaryn sitting to the side while the other 14 remaining houseguests wait in their game-show cubicles. That many of them lined up in a row like that look about as long as an airplane runway. Obviously this is a memory game, in which the players have to guess true/false regarding statements that Julie reads. Everybody save Jeremy and Judd get the first one right, so those two are out and Judd can go back to being totally irrelevant. The remaining players are split roughly down the middle for the second question, so that's it for GinaMarie, Andy, Amanda, Spencer and Elissa. For the third question, Candice is the only one to get it wrong, after making Julie wait for her answer. Then the remaining five players all guess false, correctly, for both the fourth and fifth questions. They also all get the correct answer for the sixth question, which is true. These questions must be easier than I thought. Time for the tiebreaker, in which everyone has to guess a number of cans that were supposedly delivered last night. "Answers now!" Julie barks at them while precious seconds of live network television tick past. The correct answer is 169 and only McCrae gets it wrong. Then they have to guess the number of seconds it took Jeremy to win PoV this week. The right answer is 895, and since Helen is the closest without going over, she's the new HoH. Wow, what a terrible night for the people who voted to keep Nick.

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