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In the next room, Britney, Danielle and Ashley can hear the whole thing going down and they're shocked that Boogie is being such a dick. Really? You're shocked? Have you watched any of his previous seasons? Shane says he's not worried and Boogie says that he should be. Why is Shane even engaging with him? Just walk away, dude. Boogie vows that Shane will be in trouble unless Dan wins HOH (or Britney, Danielle, or Ian). Frank agrees, and Boogie has to get one last parting shot in at Dan while walking out of the room. So sad, Boogie. Cry me a freaking river, you loser.

Dan is lying silently on the couch, reading something. I thought they weren't allowed reading material? Is it a Bible? Or the rule book? Boogie sits near him along with Frank, Jenn, and Ian. Boogie asks Dan if he's going to ignore him all week, and Dan says he's not ignoring him. Boogie keeps needling, and asks Jenn if she wonders why she was nominated instead of one of the other floaters, and suggests she ask Dan, since he was the architect. Dan wisely keeps his mouth shut, and then tells us in the DR that he doesn't mind taking the heat for Ian, but he hopes Ian appreciates what's happening. Boogie wants to talk Dan's endgame strategy but Dan claims he hasn't thought that far ahead. Boogie's final request is that Dan avoid screwing Ian over, because Frank can handle himself but Ian's not ready for battle. Oh, this is rich. RICH!

Jenn tells Ian that she's pissed and she's going kamikaze. You know, she keeps vowing to get fired up but she's not actually doing anything other than following Boogie around and listening. Anyway, then she goes to visit Shane who assures her that she's not going home, and that he had to put up someone to replace Frank, but she shouldn't worry. I always get nervous when people use pawns. It so rarely works out for the pawn. Anyway, Jenn then goes on the Shane Trashing tour, telling anyone who will listen that she's pissed and she's going to remember this if she's on the jury. Ian DRs that Jenn is a huge pawn and she needs to chill out or the whole thing might blow up. Please.

Julie returns and tells everyone that it's a double eviction. No one seems surprised. She adds that tonight's second evictee will become the first jury member, and no one is surprised by that either. Ugh, this is my least favorite part, where the nominees get to plead their case. Jenn says she's enjoyed her time in the house, and she hopes people will vote for her to stay due to her loyalty. Boogie thanks his business partner before his family, and then asks Joe for his vote and begs him to do the right thing in front of his family. Oh, this is going to be good.

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