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Let the voting begin! Ashley evicts Jenn. Britney evicts Boogie. Joe evicts Boogie. JOE! Look at you! Ha ha. Frank evicts Jenn, obviously. Dan evicts Boogie, and says he's doing it for Janelle. I might be rooting for Dan, y'all. Ian evicts Boogie. It's official!!!!!!! I am dancing on my couch. Danielle evicts Boogie.

I am seriously so excited for Boogie to find out the vote. Julie tells him that it's 5-2 and he's blank-faced but you can see behind his eyes that he's confused by the numbers. He was expecting Ashley, Joe, Ian and Frank to vote for him, so it should have been 4-3 in his favor. Ian hugs Boogie and gives him something (sunglasses?) and whispers something. Boogie tells everyone to play a good game and then whispers to Frank that Ian is not to be trusted, like Frank didn't know that.

And now the Chenterview. Julie asks what Ian whispered to him, and Boogie says that Ian said Boogie might not like some of what he sees, and then referenced when Boogie told Howie to "Get to steppin'" as he was evicted from All-Stars. Boogie deduced that Ian might be playing for the other side. He adds that he obviously doesn't know what happened behind his back, but he tried to look out for Ian and if Ian betrayed him, that just reflects poorly on Ian. Except that betraying Boogie is kind of a badge of honor.

And now the Goodbye Videos. Frank says he wishes he could have kept Boogie around. Britney fucking rules. She does the whole Chilltown phone conversation thing, and pretends that Janelle is calling for Boogie but he's been evicted, then laughs. The audience claps and hoots and even Boogie has to laugh. Dan say he respected Boogie and wanted to work with him, and wasn't the one who ratted him out. Cut to Ian confessing that he masterminded Boogie's demise, and that he learned from the best. Boogie is stunned, and laughing. This is one of the most satisfying evictions ever, although it might be slightly more satisfying if Boogie wasn't chuckling about it. The audience and Boogie applaud, and Boogie tips his cap to Ian. Boogie says he's proud of Ian and laughs over the name Quack Pack. And that's the end of Boogie.

Time for the HOH competition. It's a Before/After where Julie names two events and they have to determine the order. First one is, "Did they dress up as lemons and limes before or after Baby Zingbot was born?" It's like they're talking another language. Anyway, the answer is Before and Ashley is eliminated. I don't know where she went when she stepped down but she's walking all over the place while they answer the next question and it cracked me up. Next, "Was Willie expelled from the game before or after Janelle won her first Coach's Competition?" I can't believe they referenced Willie. Usually they like to sweep that shit under the rug. Anyway, the answer is After, and Joe, Jenn and Dan are eliminated. Way to catch fire, there, Jenn.

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