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Next question: "Did the Breaking News Bulletins keep them up all night before or after Jo Jo hosted a competition?" There was someone on this show named Jo Jo? The answer is After and due to a last-minute answer switch, Frank is eliminated. Now it's down to Britney, Danielle, and Ian so the Quack Pack is in power no matter what. Next question: "Was the game reset before or after the Have Nots got candy canes and cod?" It's Before, and they all got it right. Next, "During his eviction speech, did Wil say 'I love you and adore all of you' before or after he said, 'This is a win-win situation." It's After, and Britney is eliminated.

We're down to Danielle and Ian and they're doing a number question: "How many seconds did it take for the Lime team to win the Ex-Squeeze me competition from the start horn to the finishing bell?" Again, are they speaking English? Danielle says 1200 and Ian says 1000. The answer is 419, so Ian wins and he's the HOH. Ian quickly huddles with Danielle, Dan, and Britney but Julie orders them back in the house so they all run inside quickly. It's going to be Frank and someone, right? Frank and Jenn? Frank and Joe? We'll find out after the break.

Julie lets us listen on some last-minute strategizing. Ian and Joe are talking privately and it seems like they make a deal for Joe to not be nominated and Joe guarantees Ian's safety. Ian apologizes like a million times and then nominates Frank and Ashley. Ian is all fired up and nervous. Julie reminds Frank and Ashley that they could still win POV. Is Ian still trying to keep up his ruse of being on Frank's team? Give it up, dude.

When we return, they're set up for POV. Competing tonight are Frank, Ashley, Ian, Joe, Danielle, and Shane -- the extras were chosen during the break. They're standing on a giant rainbow, with each in his or her own color lane. They have to run down the lane and search for two clovers in a ball pit, put them on a podium, run back and get the veto symbol, put it on the podium, and hit the buzzer. Ian finds his first clover and goes back to search for the second before anyone else has even found one. Frank gets his first clover, and then Joe. Danielle and Shane are next. Frank finds his second clover. Well, he won. He gets the veto symbol and hits the buzzer, so he wins. He yells something at Ian that I couldn't quite decipher, but I don't think it was, "I love you, man!" As we go to break, Frank continues to taunt Ian. He might want to tone that down. Who is that helping?

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