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I'm weirdly rooting for Frank, even though he allied with Boogie, my nemesis. I like an underdog, what can I say? And at least he's actively fighting to stay in the game, and has saved his own bacon more than once. Unlike Jenn or Ashley or any of the floaters. [Note: Every time that Frank did something successful in the POV, the entire studio audience booed. Guess who Pandora's Box is probably going to screw over next week? -- Rachel.]

Frank pulls Britney and Shane into a bedroom and it's tough to hear their whispered conversation but it's something about putting up Joe and that Frank is still going after Dan but he's willing to work with Britney and Shane. Joe also hurt his knee during the POV competition so it would be a real pisser for him if he got voted out now.

At the POV ceremony, Julie has to ask Ian to sit down because he's pacing around. Frank says he's going to use the POV on himself, obviously. Ian names Joe as his replacement nominee, and apparently Joe was chosen to play POV to try to save himself, and he failed. Well, that explains why he was hauling ass so hard.

After yet another break, Ashley and Joe get to plead their cases. Ashley looks defeated. Ashley says it's been rough and the house is divided, but she knows she's not articulate enough to argue her case she devolves into whining that she thought Ian had her back. But she voted with Boogie and Frank and Joe voted with the Quack Pack, so it's kind of hopeless, and she knows it. Joe stands up and motions that he loves them, they should evict Ashley, and keep him. He does all this without words and for the first time, I actually like Joe. I think it's because he wasn't yelling.

Time to vote! Jenn evicts Ashley. [Note: SUPER bitterly.] Shane evicts Ashley. Britney evicts Ashley and she's crying. Frank evicts Joe. Danielle evicts Ashley. So Ashley's going home. Dan evicts Ashley. Julie tells them that Ashley is evicted. She looks like she's about to fall asleep. How many drugs is she on, exactly? And how do I get them? Because I've got this insomnia problem and she looks like she could fall asleep at any time with no problem. Everyone hugs Ashley goodbye and applaud her when she leaves. She also gets a huge reaction from the studio audience. She hugs Julie and says, "I love your side pony." Ashley's hilarious.

Back in the house, Frank is walking around bitching about how they sent Ashley home and he can't believe how people are hiding behind other stronger players. He needs to shut up. I'm not rooting for him anymore.

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