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Kristen tries to go first, but falls and misses her chance. Annie jumps at it first for the yellow team while everyone else is still discussing strategy. Monet is the first to make it across for the red team, but immediately regrets being a target as a result of winning ten grand. Which she hasn't won until her team wins, but whatever. As the competition continues, streams of mustard and ketchup are being squirted across the playing field, making it hard for the players to maintain their grip on what have become giant lubricated shafts. Hayden gets the idea of hurling teammates to the top of the wieners so they can grab the rigging and hold onto that. This works for Kristen, even though she gets across looking like she was in a car accident. The yellow team is also having difficulty, making an attempt to use Brendon's t-shirt as a handle to hang from (uh, Rachel, nobody asked you to take your shirt off, Hootie McBoob), but then Britney on the red team falls for the umpteenth time and hurts her leg. Andrew hangs back, because no one knows he's a doctor (well, a podiatrist, as Elaine Benes might say) and his hopes for winning the game override his Hippocratic Oath. He's going to feel like an even bigger dick if the part of Britney that's injured is her foot.

So it's left to Kathy on the yellow team, with I guess the first aid training she has as a police officer, to crawl out and ascertain that Britney's hurt. Which she is. Nobody seems to know what to do, and the game is suspended while a "medic" (actually some hippie) comes and checks Britney out. She's taken out of play, which means she has to switch with someone on her team who's already made it across. And that other player will be picked by the yellow team. Can you believe how quickly they came up with that solution? It's almost as though they knew someone might get creamed. "I lost my dignity on a slippery wiener," Britney ruefully deadpans in the DR. Yellow nominates Kristen as Britney's replacement because she's shorter, and the game restarts, effectively a tie. Until Kristen crosses back over while Kathy faceplants repeatedly. Hayden boosts Matt up on the wiener, leaving himself alone at the starting line while Enzo and Brendon continue to struggle with Kathy. Then Hayden is the last member of the red team to make it across, making him HoH for the week and Monet $10,000 richer. The yellow team looks worried.

So we get to vote on who the saboteur is? What's that about? Will it change the answer? Or is it just a cheap way to drum up text messaging revenues? Send me a dollar with your answer and I'll let you know next week, if I remember.

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