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We're back with Buffy and her fan club. As the leader of the Three is coming in close, Angel suddenly grabs his hair from behind and punches him in the face. Buffy takes this as her cue to kick her captors in the face simultaneously. While Buffy struggles with her two, the leader of the Three breaks off an iron bar and swings it at Angel's stomach, slicing him. He falls down, but Buffy comes to the rescue, helping him to his feet, and suggests that they run for it. Which they do, with The Three in hot pursuit. Buffy and Angel run up to her house, and Buffy briefly struggles with the lock. She finally opens the door and they rush inside (after Buffy yells, "Get in! C'mon!" to Angel, for you sticklers for detail). Buffy slams the door, catching one of the vampires' hands. Which is a little odd, since in later episodes we've seen that the threshold is like a physical barrier to uninvited vamps. He shouldn't have been able to reach around the door like that. Buffy leans against the door, breathing heavily, as the Three circle outside. Then she notices Angel's wound and goes to fetch a first-aid kit after telling Angel to take his shirt off. She heads into the kitchen with Angel following. He disrobes, and this marks the first of many many gratuitous "Angel is shirtless" scenes. Buffy admires the tattoo that Angel has on his right shoulder and then asks him if he was following her. Angel replies, "Why would I do that?" with a smile and Buffy, as she bandages him, says, "You tell me. You're the mystery guy that appears out of nowhere. I'm not saying I'm not happy about it tonight, but if you are hanging around I'd like to know why." Angel offers that it's "maybe" because he likes her. They smile at each other but are interrupted by the sound of a door opening, and Buffy walks into the foyer to find Joyce entering. She quickly pulls her mother inside, thinking of the vamps outside, and as Joyce starts to go into the kitchen, Buffy pulls her towards the stairs and tries to bundle her upstairs into her room as quickly as possible with the promise of hot tea. Joyce is somewhat suspicious of Buffy's intentions and Angel, choosing that moment to join them, confirms her mother's instinct. Buffy introduces Angel as a first-year community-college student who has been helping her with her history homework. At this point, I've got to say that Angel looks at least 240 years younger here than he does now, but still couldn't pass for a freshman unless he repeated grades nine through twelve -- three times. Joyce ain't buying it and somewhat frostily says that it's a "little late for tutoring," and that she's going to go to bed. Buffy promises to say goodnight to Angel and head upstairs herself. She pretends to show Angel out but instead sneaks him up to her room. Isn't she worried that her mother is going to check on her? Or did I just have an overly vigilant parent? Buffy and Angel argue over who gets the bed for a bit, and then Buffy tells Angel to go look out the window while she changes. While she's putting on her pajamas, she asks him why he's involved with the vampire hunting business, and he struggles with his word choice so he can avoid telling the whole truth. Luckily for him, Buffy asks him if his family was killed by vampires, and when he replies that they were, she quickly decides that it's a "vengeance gig" for him. Angel clumsily tries to change the subject by telling Buffy how pretty she looks in her pajamas. Buffy: "Well, when I wake up it's an entirely different story." Which might be, because she goes to bed with three pounds of makeup on her face. Buffy lies on her bed after handing Angel a spare blanket, and they both go to sleep.

The next day in the library, Xander is grilling Buffy. "He spent the night? In your room? In your bed?" Buffy clarifies that he slept by her bed rather than in it. Willow asks in her shy way if Angel got fresh with Buffy, but Buffy smiles and says that he was a "perfect gentleman." Xander tries to tell Buffy that Angel is using the "oldest trick in the book" to seduce her, and that guys will do anything to impress a girl. In fact, he, Xander, once drank a gallon of Gatorade without stopping to take a breath. At this point Giles, as always with a book, interrupts them, saying, "Can we steer this riveting conversation back to the events that happened earlier in the evening?" He shows Buffy the book and asks if the "three unusually virile vampires" pictured therein are the same ones who attacked her. Buffy IDs them and Giles tells her that the Three are warrior vampires. Giles concludes that Buffy must be a right thorn in the Master's side or he wouldn't have summoned the Three. Giles sees this as an excuse to step up Buffy's training regimen. Xander offers to have Buffy stay at his house while those "samurai guys" are after her, but Giles tells him that Buffy (and Angel, dammit!) aren't in immediate danger, and since the Three failed, they will "offer their own lives in penance" to the Master.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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