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Angel enters his apartment and goes to turn on a really ugly lamp. You might think in his 240 years on earth he would have picked up something resembling taste, but apparently not. Angel senses someone in the room and asks who is there. "A friend," comes a voice from off-screen. Angel turns to face the source of the voice, and Darla steps out of the shadows. After exchanging pleasantries, Angel asks Darla, "What's with the Catholic schoolgirl look? Last time I saw you it was kimonos." "And last time I saw you it wasn't high-school girls." As we would have said in 1987, "Ooh! Face!" Darla goes on to admonish him for living "above ground like one of them," and "attacking us, like one of them," as she's prancing across the room. "But guess what, precious. You're not one of them." As she says this, she suddenly opens the window blinds, and as light streams into the room Angel jumps back, squinting into the light. This is his apartment -- didn't he know that window was there? Angel can be as dumb as a box of rocks sometimes. Angel protests that he's "not exactly one of you either," and while in 1997 we all puzzled over that statement, now we know it means that Angel is in possession of a pesky little soul. Darla walks to the fridge and opens it to reveal bags of blood hanging from the shelves. "You're not exactly living off of quiche." She exhorts him to return to the dark side and blah blibbedy blah finally leaves with a parting shot of "talk to her. Tell her about the curse. Maybe she'll come around. And if she still doesn't trust you, you know where I'll be." Angel stands there looking Real Troubled.

Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles are researching in the library. Giles says he's found information about Angel in the diary of a previous Watcher, and Willow dizzily interrupts to commiserate with Buffy about thinking that Angel read her diary. Priorities, Willow. Giles says the diary mentions a two-hundred-forty-year-old vampire named Angelus, "the one with the angelic face," which causes Xander to cough stagily. I'm going to have to agree with Xander here. The tattoo Buffy saw on Angel's back acts as confirmation, and Giles continues with his exposition, saying that about eighty years ago Angel arrived in America, and since then there are no reports of him hunting. Willow is excited, thinking it's proof that Angel is good, but Giles and Xander are skeptical.

As the Anointed One looks on, Darla thanks the Master for allowing her to kill the Three, and insists that he allow her to take care of the Slayer. The Master teases Darla a little for her bossy attitude, but then lets her explain her plan. Darla wants force Angel to "come back to the fold" by arranging to have him kill Buffy. The Master and Darla wax nostalgic about what a "vicious creature" Angel was. Then the Master takes this opportunity to bore Colin and the viewing audience by delivering a little lecture working "together for the common good."

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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