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Willow and Buffy are studying in the library. To Willow's question about when the Reconstruction began, Buffy tries to focus and replies, " Um, Reconstruction...uh, Reconstruction began after the...construction, which was...shoddy, so they had to reconstruct." How did this girl get into college again? Sometimes I get very confused by this show's mixed "Buffy is very bright/Buffy is an airhead" message. Buffy then muses that Angel was already at least one hundred years old at the time of the Civil War, and Willow wonders if they're going to discuss boys or help Buffy to pass history class. Willow then TMIs a fantasy about Xander kissing her, and when Buffy tells her to speak up about her crush on Xander, Willow replies, " No speaking up. That way leads to madness and sweaty palms." As the girls talk, we see that Darla is lurking behind them in the library stacks. Willow asks about Angel's kiss and then babbles about how he'll stay "young and handsome forever" while Buffy will "get wrinkly and die." She apologizes for being a bummer, but Buffy says she needs to get over Angel. Shouldn't the mere news that a crush is a vampire automatically get the Slayer over him? Teen hormones are a bitch, I guess. Buffy is agitated by the thought of staking Angel, who has never done her any harm (other than inflict his awful "lurking mysterious guy" routine on her). The girls try to apply themselves to studying.

At home, Joyce reads some papers and drinks coffee in the quiet house. She hears a noise outside and checks, but finds nothing. As she walks away from the kitchen door, we see Darla's vamped face outside. That made me jump the first time I saw it. A short time later there is a knock at the front door, and Joyce answers to find Darla standing there. Darla claims to be a friend of Buffy's who has arrived for a study date, and Joyce falls for it, inviting Darla in to wait for Buffy. Like a good mommy, Joyce ushers Darla into the kitchen, asking if she would like something to eat. Behind her, Darla is now wearing her game face and looks hungry.

Angel lurks outside the Summers home and then approaches the front door. Angel is such a stalker! He's about to knock, changes his mind, and starts to walk away, but then hears a scream. He bursts into the kitchen to find Darla with her fangs poised over the swooning Joyce's neck. Darla tries to taunt him into feeding on Joyce and tosses him her limp body. Angel catches Joyce and, tempted by the smell of blood, vamps out. Darla gloats and leaves the kitchen. Seconds later Buffy enters, horrified to see the vamped-out Angel seemingly in the process of drinking her mother's blood.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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