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Angel is tossed out through a large window and lands on the lawn. Buffy stands in the broken window and tells him he's no longer welcome and if he comes near them again, she'll kill him. The music in this scene is incredibly cheesy. Angel leaves and Buffy hurries back inside to call 911, telling the operator that her mother cut herself. As she hovers over her mother, trying to rouse her, Xander and Willow arrive in the kitchen. Buffy tells them that Angel attacked her mother.

Giles hurries down a hospital corridor. In one of the hospital rooms, Joyce lies in bed with a bandage on her neck and tells Buffy, Xander, and Willow that she guesses she slipped soon after she let Buffy's "friend" into the house. The doctors have told Joyce it appears she cut herself on a barbecue fork. Giles pops into the hospital room, and Joyce wonders if he's a doctor but Buffy explains he's actually the school librarian. Joyce is confused as to what he's doing there but decides that "the teachers really do care in this town." Buffy gives her a kiss, and they all file out of the hospital room. Out in the corridor, Giles tries to tell Buffy she was lucky to find her mother as soon as she did, but Buffy castigates herself for inviting Angel into the house and allowing herself to care about him. Willow tries to tell her, "If you care about somebody you care about them. You can't change that by --" but Buffy retorts, "Killing them?" She storms off, but Giles tries to stop her, telling her that Angel is dangerous and will "take more than a simple stake."

Buffy agrees, because we see her loading the crossbow from Giles's weapons stash. As Buffy prepares, elsewhere Darla taunts Angel, sneering that Buffy is preparing to kill him. Angel tells her to leave him alone, but Darla circles him, mocking him for thinking Buffy could love a vampire. In the library, Buffy shoots a crossbow bolt straight into the heart of a guy on a "No Smoking" poster. Darla tells Angel to accept his "true self" and to stop acting like a "mangy human." "Kill, feed, live," she practically shouts at him, and Angel suddenly leaps up and pins her to the wall. He tells her he "want[s] it finished." Darla seems to be enjoying Angel's violent treatment and breathes heavily.

Buffy patrols an alley with her crossbow. She arrives at the Bronze and hears glass breaking nearby. She climbs a fire escape ladder up the side of the building.

Giles is sitting next to Joyce's bed in the hospital and they are discussing Buffy. Giles explains that Buffy is having trouble in history class because she "lives very much in the now." Joyce muses that Buffy must be trying to do well, since she's studying with both Willow and Darla. Giles's ears perk up at this unfamiliar name, and he confirms that Darla is the friend who Joyce mentioned coming by earlier, right before her "accident." Joyce frets that Darla was probably scared by her fainting, and Giles offer to check on her immediately. After he leaves, Joyce reflects, "That school is amazing." Giles hurries down the hospital corridor, informing Willow and Xander that they have a problem.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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