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Back in the Bronze, Darla's in her game face and telling Buffy that it's sad to still love someone who used to love you. Buffy gives a funny "eww" face mixed with a bummed face, but gets in a crack about Darla looking a "little worn around the eyes". Darla recovers ground in the cat-fight by telling Buffy she "made" Angel, and that for a time they shared everything. She taunts Angel and tells him he's sick for loving someone who hates vampires. How much does Darla know about the curse? It seems like anyone with half a brain would realize that Angel wouldn't be capable of returning to his demon ways until his soul is removed. Darla is acting like he can become a vicious killer by just applying a little willpower. Or maybe she thinks killing Buffy will remove the curse? Well, whatever is in her demonic pea-brain, Darla sneers that Angel will have to live while remembering watching Buffy die. Buffy flips her crossbow up off the ground and claims she didn't come alone, but again Darla has a better hand and pulls two big pistols out of, well, somewhere in her Catholic schoolgirl skirt, I guess. She plugs Angel, who roundly deserves it for standing there this whole time like a petrified stump, and then continues after Buffy.

Outside, the Scoobies hear gunshots and run in that direction.

Buffy hides and attempts to load her crossbow, and I wish she would hurry up and shoot Darla already, because I am more than tired of her smug routine. Buffy fires a bolt at Darla but misses her heart. Giles, Xander, and Willow have made their way into the second floor of the Bronze, and they try to distract Darla by shouting that it was she and not Angel who attacked Buffy's mom. Darla fires at them and then smugly walks the length of the pool table. Buffy pops up and pulls the table forward, knocking Darla down. She then shoves the pool table backwards and flees across the room. Darla fires after her again and again and again with her special made-for-TV gun which never requires reloading and tells her to "take it like a man." Angel comes up behind her and stakes her with one of Buffy's crossbow bolts. "Angel?" breathes Darla, right before she poofs into a pile of dust. Buffy and Angel give each other googly looks, and Angel turns to leave as sad music plays.

The Master is having a bit of a tantrum and throws a few candelabra around his prison. He tells the Annoying One that Darla was his favorite "for 400 years," but the Annoying One counsels that Darla was "weak." The Master is sad that he lost Darla to Angel, whom he'd planned to have right beside him come the day he took over the Earth. The Annoying One reassures the Master than when he rises they'll "kill them all." Which is pretty much how my friends console me whenever I'm in a bad mood.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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