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Buffy, Xander, and Willow attend the Bronze's "Post Fumigation Party." Buffy tells them she hasn't heard from Angel, but she feels that "in a way" he's still watching over her. Willow tells her he's actually still watching her and nods towards Angel, who's lurking across the room. As Xander weakly insists he's not threatened, Angel and Buffy approach each other on the dance floor and stand close together. He inquires after her mother, and they agree that they can't ever be together. Angel says he has to walk away from "this," and Buffy agrees, but instead they begin to kiss. All right, even though I've been watching this show for years and have suffered through the whole Angel/Buffy saga, I still find myself shocked at the age difference between these two and dismayed that the Slayer would stick her tongue down a vampire's throat. Guess if a guy kills his ex-girlfriend for you, you can forgive him just about anything. If you're sixteen and horny as hell, that is. After the kiss, Buffy says she'll see him around, and leaves. The camera pans down from Angel's face and reveals the crucifix that he gave her earlier in the season has burned an impression into his chest. That's what he gets for prancing around with his shirt unbuttoned down to there.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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