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Hell is in the eye of the beholder

The kids are escaping through the tar. Buffy picks up a spiked club and approaches Ramon. He sputters, "You -- ruin -- you." Buffy: "Hey, Ken, want to see my impression of Gandhi?" She dispatches him with a blow to the head. Lily: "Gandhi?" Buffy: "Well, you know, he was really pissed off." I guess a lame villain like Ramon deserves a lame joke like that one.

Buffy and Lily climb out of the pool. Lily wonders what to do about it, but it suddenly CGI-seals itself. Why'd it do that? And it seemed to me that Buffy only rescued her little orientation group. Weren't there a lot of other slaves in there? That's going to bug me.

Buffy's apartment. She offers to give Lily the tour, but can only take two steps before announcing, "This concludes our tour." Lily thinks it's nice. Lily is wearing much newer-looking clothes, and at first I thought Buffy must have given her the outfit, but it really doesn't look like something Buffy would wear. Also, Julia Lee is much taller than SMG. Buffy says the rent is paid up for the next three weeks, and that Lily can take over her shifts at the diner. Buffy also says she'll call and check up on Lily. Lily says, "I'm not very good at taking care of myself." Buffy: "Gets easier. Takes practice." Lily regards Buffy's diner uniform, and says hopefully, "Can I be Anne?" Buffy smiles her assent. Aw. You know, I usually hate cutesy high voices like Lily's, but somehow Julia Lee sold me on this character. Knowing that she turns into a tough independent woman in "Blood Money" probably doesn't hurt either.

Joyce is emptying the dishwasher when a knock at the door startles her. She goes to get it, and pauses, burgeoning hope evident on her face. She opens the door to find Buffy. The looks on their faces say it all, and they move into a tight embrace. Oh, my keyboard's wet. Why am I emotionally invested in an average Joss episode that aired three and a half years ago, whereas no episode in Season Six even came close to making me care? Oh right. For those of you just joining this recap, Marti Noxon=sucks.

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