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Hell is in the eye of the beholder

The library! I think I've missed you most of all. Willow and Giles are discussing the previous night's patrol. Willow is wearing a purple hat. Why? I don't know. Maybe for every episode they do a drawing wherein they randomly pick one of various articles of hideous clothing, and one random character name, and this week came out with "Willow" and "purple hat." Seems like they did about ten drawings per episode in the fourth season. Willow thinks the gang's not doing so hot on patrol, but Giles is just happy they're all safe. Willow assures Giles that not getting killed is part of their "mission statement." Aw, those two were so cute together. You know, back when the show was good. Then Willow started being menacing toward him, and he left for England, and then he came back and had a magic duel with her. That was less cute. Coincidentally, that was when the show was bad. Cordelia appears, and she and Willow exchange a friendly greeting. Cordy is nervous to see Xander, and babbles a bit until she gets to something really important -- "How's my hair?" Willow assures her that it's fine. Oz surprises Willow, and Cordy goes in search of Xander. Willow is especially surprised that Oz is carrying books, and he reveals that he was supposed to go to summer school but didn't, so he's repeating senior year. Willow's academic sensitivities kick in (another endearing quality long forgotten), and she starts to freak out a little, but Xander interrupts her. He's looking for Cordy, and geeks it up by telling them, "There's going to be some heat, if you know what I mean, so you might want to duck and cover." Chastened by the egregiousness of his own statement, he runs off. He pops back, but before he can open his mouth, Willow impatiently tells him, "Your hair is fine!" Ha! Sars, were you not just saying how much you missed the way the characters used to interact? ["I was." -- Sars] Case in point. Pointless scene with soon-to-be-gay Larry, then Willow and Oz discussing whether Oz's academic predicament is "eccentric," "cool," or merely "strange," and then over to Xander and Cordelia. They initially look happy to see each other, but it seems like each of them is waiting for the other to make the first move. Their smiles quickly fade, and after some awkwardness, they stalk off angrily.

Shot of Buffy, sitting on her bed. Then she's back in uniform, walking to work. She passes a guy talking to a homeless kid. Hey, the guy's Carlos Jacott, better known as Ramon the pool cleaner on Seinfeld! Then we hear a plaintive "I'm no one," and Buffy sees a very aged homeless woman lying in a doorway who looks scared out of her wits. Buffy looks perturbed.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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