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Hell is in the eye of the beholder

Giles gets off the phone and announces that he has a lead -- a report of a young girl fighting vampires in Oakland. Xander is skeptical, as this is apparently not the first such lead they've had, and he doesn't want to see Giles get his hopes up too high. Willow, however, tries to cheer Giles on. He leaves in a hurry. Willow wonders if Giles might find Buffy this time, but Xander brings her back to reality: "I think he'll find her when she wants to be found." Oh, Xander. You used to have some empathy for your friends. What happened? Oh, that's right -- the writers sucked the life out of you and every other character on the show. Dear Marti Noxon, I must again remind you that you suck. Love, Couch Baron.

Night. Buffy walks back from work. Lily calls to her, "Anne! Anne! Buffy?" Buffy stops in her tracks. Lily asks if Buffy recognizes her. Buffy comes up with "Lily?" but Lily reminds her of the events of "Lie to Me," and assures Buffy that she didn't tell anyone Buffy's identity. They walk together. We learn for sure that Lily is homeless, and Buffy reveals that Anne is her middle name. Lily explains that she's always changing her name, and that Chanterelle was part of her "exotic phase." Buffy tells her that a chanterelle is a mushroom. Lily is chastened, and Buffy backpedals by telling her that it's an "exotic mushroom." Heh. Buffy asks what they called Lily at home, and Lily doesn't answer, but looks away with an expression that clearly says, "Home is where the sexual abuse is." Lily invites Buffy to a rave, but Buffy declines, and they're about to go their separate ways when an old man stumbles between them. He stares vacantly at them, and says creepily, "I'm no one." Buffy processes that as the man wanders out into the street and stops like a deer in the headlights. Since he's actually in the headlights, you only have to imagine the deer. Buffy races out and pushes him to safety, and an SUV hits her for her trouble. She rolls off the windshield to the ground.

Commercial for Bride of Chucky. Who knew Roswell was a step up for Katherine Heigl?

A crowd forms around Buffy, but she recovers and quickly runs off. Rounding a corner, she runs right into Ramon, knocking a bunch of flyers out of his hand. As they gather the flyers up, Ramon introduces himself as "Ken." However, he will always be Ramon to me. So for those of you just joining this recap, Ken = Ramon. He inquires after her well-being, and PSAs about kids on the street. He gives Buffy a flyer for a halfway house called "Family Home." ["Then Buffy asks him, 'Is that a pajama top?' and he snorts, 'No!' and then mutters, 'Yes.'" -- Sars]

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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