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Hell is in the eye of the beholder

Sad song over a montage of homeless kids. Frankly, if I wanted that, I'd rent Where The Day Takes You again. Mmm, Dermot Mulroney in the early '90s. We follow the song to the Bronze, where it's being performed by a woman with breasts that would put Dolly Parton to shame. Seriously, I think she's wearing an Aquabra. Sars? ["Maybe if said bra contains one of the Great Lakes. Girl has it going on up front -- not that there's anything wrong with that." -- Sars] Xander whinges about Cordelia, and Willow misses Buffy. They lament the fact that they're losing half the vamps. Personally, for three hapless teenagers fighting the undead, that percentage sounds great to me. Xander opines that they need "bait" as he stares at Cordelia.

Summers home. Joyce, paying bills, is interrupted by a knock at the door. She opens the door expectantly, but is disappointed to find Giles. Of course, she hasn't slept with him yet, or she might be a little perkier. After a bit of conversation, Giles tells Joyce that she shouldn't blame herself for Buffy's departure, but Joyce turns it around: "I blame you." Ouch. Giles's stoic face cracks a little bit. Joyce continues the attack, saying that she feels like Giles took Buffy away from her. Giles tries to recover: "I didn't make Buffy who she is." Joyce isn't buying: "And who exactly is she?" Again, ouch.

Lily finds Buffy at the diner. She tells Buffy that Rickie has disappeared, and begs her for help. Buffy doesn't want to get involved, but Lily wears her down. Cut to a blood bank, where Lily exposits that she and Rickie have given blood there before. Buffy asks a large female doctor if Rickie has been in in the last day. The answer is negative, and Buffy and Lily decide to split up and look for him. As they leave, the doctor's face falls, and she takes a troubled breath. Ominous music of I'm So Not Telling The Whole Story plays.

Buffy searches through an abandoned-looking warehouse that looks like a creepier version of the one in "My So-Called Angels." A few random homeless people are around. She finds the man whose life she saved the previous night lying on the floor, very dead, with a bottle of drain cleaner next to him which he apparently drank. She kneels and turns his arm over, and finds the "Lily" tattoo. Buffy looks nine ways of creeped out as she tells the slower members of the audience, "Rickie?"

Lily waits nervously at Buffy's apartment. Buffy enters, and breaks the news about Rickie. Lily says despairingly, "But -- he takes care of me." That line isn't as all-about-her as it sounds. Buffy explains about Rickie's appearance, and wonders whether something in his blood could have been responsible. Lily is confused and in denial, but Buffy isn't very sympathetic, which prompts Lily to wonder, "Was it because of you? You know about monsters and stuff. You could have brought this with you." Wrong thing to say. Buffy tells Lily off, and Lily leaves. Buffy looks around with regret, and with good reason, if you ask me. Gee, Buffy, you lost Angel months ago, and you're still kind of a basket case. Maybe you could give Lily five minutes to get over losing her boyfriend?

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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