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Hell is in the eye of the beholder

The escaped kids hide under the stairs while Buffy and Lily hatch a plan: Buffy=diversion, Lily=get the kids to safety. Lily tries to apologize for her earlier remarks, but Buffy shoos her to her task and takes off, the guards in hot pursuit. She executes a really cool maneuver where she grabs a pole and swings herself all the way around, kicking a guard in the face as she passes. Oh, and by the way, Buffy's outfit for almost this entire episode has been a simple pair of grey cargo pants, a blue zipped sweatshirt, and a tank top, and she looks better than in all of Season Four. Are you listening, costume department? Time for the fight. Buffy is kicking demon ass and taking demon names. Oh yeah, who's no one now? This scene rocks. As I mentioned earlier, several shots from it are in the Season Three opening credits, including the last shot with Joss' creator credit and Buffy holding a club in one hand and a weird axe-like weapon in the other, waiting for a new round of guards to attack. Also, most of the scene takes place on a raised platform, and with the guards rushing at her from all directions, it lends an arena-like feel to the fight. It's very cool. On the sidelines, Ramon whinges that the slaves aren't supposed to fight back. You are so lame, Ramon. Meanwhile, Lily shepherds the kids out, but Ramon catches her and holds a knife to her throat.

Buffy decides she's bought Lily enough time and runs, but stops when she sees Ramon on a platform above, still holding the knife to Lily's throat. He says that if anyone fights, they'll all die. Buffy sasses Ramon, and his comeback is lame. For those of you just joining this recap, Ramon=lame. He lets Lily go and steps to the edge of the platform to lecture everyone on the price of...rebel. I assume he was going to say "rebellion," but we'll never know for sure, because Lily takes this opportunity to push him off the platform. Hee. For those of you just joining this recap, Ramon also=dumb. Lily=smarter than Ramon. This recap=almost over. Buffy fights off the guards that were holding her, and hand-over-hands up a chain. That's got to be tough on the wrists. Buffy and the kids reach a lowered gate, which Buffy lifts up with slayer strength. That's three displays of slayer strength in the episode, but this one wasn't gratuitous. That explains why it's my least favorite. The kids go under the gate, and Buffy starts to go herself when Ramon tackles her from behind. He knocks her through, and the gate crashes down, impaling him through both calves. Again, Ramon=dumb. Also, ow ow ow. I didn't really need to see that.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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