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First off, extra props to Ace and Sep. It's only since the new season started that I've truly been exposed to how much work moderating the forums is, and writing funny recaps of new episodes on top of that deserves big snaps. The same goes for Sars, Wing, and Glark for all the work you guys are doing. More thanks to Sars for the Giles ad -- not only did I enjoy it, but it's great timing for this recap. ["Any time, my friend." -- Sars] So let's take a break with some Classic fun!

Graveyard. Buffy sits on a blanket as Giles, standing, reads a passage that sounds like it could be demon lore. However, he then asks her which of three choices best describes the theme of the passage. Before he can read all three choices, though, Buffy picks "B." "We haven't had 'B' in forever." Giles: "This is the SAT's, Buffy, not connect the dots." Heh. Honestly, though, if Buffy was going to score so well, couldn't we have gotten an indication of her doing any amount of serious studying? Giles tries to impress upon her the importance of the test until she looks up and cries, "Roll!" A vamp has appeared behind Giles, and he gets out of the way as Buffy engages the vamp. After a short fight, Buffy stakes him with her pencil. Heh. She tries to use the broken pencil as an excuse to end the study session, but Giles hands her another pencil while telling her the correct theme to the passage: "All systems tend towards chaos." Nice un-anvilicious foreshadowing there. Buffy whines that "us and the undead are the only people in Sunnydale working this late."

City Hall. The Mayor thanks Mr. Trick for coming, as the matter they're attending to is "urgent, also, delicate." Trick says that the job is a little out of his area of expertise, but that he can subcontract it to someone who's "worked your town before. And if he lives up to his rep, this place'll be in flames." If it weren't for the first bit, I would have thought he was talking about Lex Luthor. And that's a crossover I'd like to see. "Demons, Demons, Demons" meets the Torch. Hee. The Mayor explains that he's made certain deals to get where he is, and "this demon requires his tribute." He unlocks and opens a wooden armoire, which contains a large assortment of nasty-looking idols and weapons. The Mayor says that the difference between him and other politicians is that he keeps his campaign promises. Interesting that he doesn't think that aspiring to become an all-powerful demon is a "difference." And very few people could have delivered that line without a loud "CLUNK!" immediately following it, but luckily Harry Groener is one of them. He picks up a shrunken head. "Where did I put that Scotch?" I think I saw that same scene on The Osbournes. Credits.

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