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Well, here it is -- my last Buffy recap. Rather than thank tons of users by name, I'll just say that I really appreciate all the support that's been thrown my way -- despite all the snark I pitch, it means a lot to me. You know who you are. I will, however, thank Wing Chun, Glark, and Sars for running such a great site for so long. Thanks also to Ace and Sep, who were super-supportive and helped me maintain my sanity, never an easy thing. Shout-outs to Aaron, Strega, Keckler, Gustave, Alex Richmond, Djb, AB Chao, Pamie, Stee, and lastly Demian, to whom, given the wacky witchcraft hijinx that go on in the episode, I give the dubious honor of a recap dedication. That doesn't mean I'm associating him with Xander, though.

In a graveyard, Xander dangles a silver heart on a chain and asks Buffy what she thinks of it. I hope they weren't going for another graveyard-foreshadows-breakup thing here. Buffy snarkily asks if Cordy knows what it is. Xander demands to know when she'll stop giving him shit for dating Cordy. Buffy: "I'm sorry. But never." Never surrender the snark, Buffy! Well, I guess it's a little late for that now. Buffy goes on that he could do better, but Xander pooh-poohs that and says that he and Cordy are getting along well. Buffy tells him that Cordy will love the Valentine's Day gift. Xander expresses a wish that dating were more like slaying, which is of course a vamp's cue to rise from the grave they're staking out. Heh. "Staking" out. Hey, it's my last recap -- I'll make bad puns if I want to. Xander falls backward in surprise, but after a fight with several long shots in which you can actually see what's going on, Buffy stakes the vamp. She helps Xander to his feet. "Sorry to say, Xand. Slaying is a tad more perilous than dating." All the more reason to avoid office romances, eh Buff? Xander counters that she's not dating Cordelia. That's not how some of the fanfic archives tell it.

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