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Buffy-rat. Mousetrap. Dude, build a better subplot.

Angelus throws Xander to the ground and jumps after him. He's wearing vinyl pants, I believe. They don't actually do much for him here in my opinion, but they are an interesting choice, and I give props for giving the cows a break and varying the material. Angelus breathes that he feels very close to Xander. I'm not jumping to slash. I took a tiny step, and there slash was. Anyway, we're about to get that male-on-male bite we've been waiting for, but Angelus suddenly goes flying into a tree. Xander looks up to see Drusilla, also in game face. Caught between Scylla and Chabonkers. Angelus can't believe it, but Dru tells him she's finally found a "real man." Angelus: "I guess I really did drive you crazy." Hee. Angelus withdraws as Dru tells Xander that his face is a poem. I think Xander looks just fine here, but I'd point out that there is an awful lot of bad poetry in the world. Especially on the Web. Dru kisses Xander, and asks him how he feels about eternal life. Xander: "We couldn't just start with a coffee?" Dru leans in, but the now-combined mob appears and rushes them, tackling Xander. Willow tries again with the axe, but Cordy rushes out of the house and grabs it, then manages to clutch Xander and get him into the house. Dru heads around back and knocks down the door, but finds her entry impeded by the invisible barrier. Angelus taunts her that she's not invited. What the hell is he still doing there? Is he still after Xander? Because, given my earlier theories, that would make sense.

Anyway, once inside, Cordy and Xander are accosted by Joyce, who ominously says that they have to "end it." Well, yeah. Cordy and Xander rush to the basement. Aw, that's where they had their first kiss! How romantic! The angry mob's a twist, I'll grant, but people get off on anything nowadays.

Oz is still looking for Buffy. Buffy heads for the mousetrap. I move on to scenes less soporific.

In the gym, Amy and Giles are working. This show really needs a "Passport Editor."

Xander attempts to barricade the basement door as he and Cordy fight some more. When she learns that she was the intended target of the spell, however, she looks ambivalent. Before she can verbalize her feelings, however, a knife cuts through the door, and Cordy and Xander run down the stairs.

The Buffy-rat runs over to the trap. Well, we knew she liked cheese. In the gym, Amy chants the reversal incantation. Some light flashes in the basement, and Buffy tosses her head up.

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