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Credits, for the last time. Sniff.

Cordy marches toward the entrance to school, calling for the Cordettes to wait up. She asks them why they didn't call her back last night, and informs them that they need to discuss their outfits for the dance. The Cordettes, however, inform her in no uncertain terms that her relationship with Xander has put her somewhere between "leper" and "band member" on the social ladder, and leave in a Road Runner-esque cloud of dust. Cordy looks after them all, "I'm losing my friends over dating a nerd, and he's not even rich?"

Classroom. As the bell rings, the teacher informs the students that anyone who leaves without handing in a paper will fail the class. Thanks, Professor Exposition. Xander talks to himself about getting a D-minus. Well, that's what I'm giving that segment of your inner monologue, so at least we're on the same wavelength. Buffy and Willow greet Amy, who asks if they're going to the Valentine's Day dance at the Bronze. Willow excitedly tells Amy that her boyfriend is in the band. Amy smiles, no doubt thinking, "Everything comes so easy to that nerdy bitch. Should I be around five years from now, I'm totally taking her down a peg." Buffy and Willow hand in their papers, but when it's Amy's turn, she stares at the teacher with a gaze so intense and ominous that it looks like Elizabeth Anne Allen is channeling the German shepherd in The Omen. After a pause, the teacher holds out her hand as if taking her paper, and thanks her. Amy smiles and leaves, and Xander, having witnessed all this, looks bewildered. And bothered.

On the stairs, Willow expresses sorrow that Buffy will be alone on Valentine's Day, but Buffy easily tells her that she'll be fine, as she'll be hanging out with Joyce. Xander catches up and asks if they saw the Amy mojo, but, as anyone who was there should know, they didn't. Buffy's chagrined that Amy's practicing witchcraft, given her mom's history, but Giles appears and asks her for a word. We then get a special edition of When Awkward Moments Attack, as Miss Calendar emerges from a classroom. Miss Calendar very bravely steps forward and asks if Giles could spare a moment to talk to her, but ASH displays his acting acumen as he turns her down with a fair bit of subtle inner conflict. Buffy gratefully walks away after a baleful look at Miss Calendar, and Giles, after a longer and more longing look, follows her. Miss Calendar sadly leaves Xander and Willow to look glum. Did you notice how well we knew the characters back then? How easy it was to identify their motivations? And should I be this bitter in my last recap?

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