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Got The Love

Demian: What's with all the Phoebe-bashing? That's my turf.
Couch Baron: I know. I just really needed a new target, and with the love spell thing, it just seemed so easy. I'm sorry.
Demian: Well, who am I supposed to bash now?
Couch Baron: How about I lend you McManus for a while?
Demian: Done and done.

Cordy enters school and marches up to her sometime posse, who continue their yo-yo-ing treatment of her by regarding her like she's wearing a housedress. She wonders what's up, and Harmony spits that Xander's wounded because of her. The girl with hair that went out with the term "sock hop" sneers in agreement. Cordy yells, "What does it take to make you people happy?" A great-tasting light beer would keep me in smiles, but that's probably beyond your power, Cordy.

And now for my favorite Xander scene of the entire series. We get a shot of a guy's shoes walking through a door; then, in three-quarter speed, we see Xander moving down The Gauntlet as "Got The Love" by Average White Band plays. All the girls are staring at him with varying degrees of lust, while the guys regard him jealously. There's no shortage of leers being directed at parts of his anatomy other than his face, and there's also plenty of open-mouthed staring and winking. One guy tries to look creeped out but ends up looking kind of turned on, although that's probably what my face would look like if I were forced to be attracted to Xander. I thought they'd go all out and have a guy blatantly checking him out, but maybe Larry and Scott Hope had other commitments. It's Nick Brendon's terrified expression that really sells this scene, though. Anyway, Xander finally reaches the library. Giles greets him good-naturedly, but quickly deduces that something is wrong. Xander blurts out the whole story, but just as he gets to the end, Miss Calendar barges in and tells Giles they need to talk. She's soon distracted, however, and compliments Xander's shirt. She goes on to tell Giles that she's not just going to go away, but hilariously keeps feeling Xander's material as she does so, and eventually asks him, "Have you been working out?" Xander's look of desperation is matched by one of disgust from Giles, and as much shit as I've given him, Xander could team up with any male character from the show and make a formidable comedy pair.

Giles pulls Miss Calendar away, and has a great moment of indecision over which problem to tackle first. He picks Xander, opting for stupid over crazy. "I cannot believe that you are fool enough to do something like this." Way to leave me open, Giles. Xander does my work for me, saying he's twice the necessary fool. Giles asks if Amy has tried to reverse the spell, but Xander indicates that all Amy wants to do with him is make wedding preparations. Of course, in her current state of mind, she'd probably register at Sealy's, but that's neither here nor there. Miss Calendar pipes up that perhaps she should have a little Graduate-esque one-on-one with Xander. Stop panting, Mary Kay Letourneau. Giles rants that people under love spells are dangerous, and lose all capacity for reason. Yeah, just like that episode where that guy had that magic jacket! Wasn't that a fun, original, not-at-all painful romp? Giles tells Xander not to leave the library, and that he'll find Amy and try to break the spell. He starts to leave, but darts back to pull Miss Calendar away. She whines. Hee.

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