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Giles tells Amy that she must have botched something in the ritual, but it should be easily reversible. Hmm. I hate to say anything against Giles, but if he's so proficient, maybe he could have de-ratted her instead of watching Passions with Spike. Amy says that Xander loves her, and that they "look into each other's souls." If we lived in ancient Rome, everyone would be piling into the vomitorium right about now. Send that line back to Dawson's Creek where it belongs. Giles shirtily asks her to help him, but she says he has no idea what she's going through. He snaps, "I know it's not love! It's obsession. Selfish, banal obsession. Now Xander has put himself in very great danger. If you cared about him at all you'd help me save him rather than whittering on about your feelings!" Giles, I'm experiencing some love right now. Amy looks chastened, but Giles's victory is somewhat diminished when he realizes that Miss Calendar has disappeared. You can't please everyone, Giles. Believe me, I know.

Xander and Cordy run out of the school and into a mob led by a fire-axe-toting Willow. She cries as she tells him she loves him so much. "I'd rather see you dead than with that bitch!" She moves forward and raises the axe, but Harmony rushes from behind Xander and grabs the handle. She wrestles with Willow as the two mobs confront each other. I'm sure I would have cracked up if they had started playing "Beat It" here, but it's probably just as well they didn't.

The Buffy-rat goes into the basement. Oz follows it with a flashlight. I'm not going to say this isn't riveting television, but only because it's Oz I'm dealing with here. A black cat appears and meows at Buffy. Slayers and rats and girls better scurry!

Night. Xander and Cordy run, apparently having ditched the mob. Cordy: "Xander, who died and made you Elvis?" Given Xander's physical appearance lately, that's an unfortunate comparison. He says he'll explain later, but they need to get to Buffy's house, which is, I suppose, continuity supported by "Halloween." They knock, and Joyce lets them in. Joyce ushers them into the kitchen and asks what happened, and suggests to Cordy that she run upstairs and get some bandages. Once alone, Joyce immediately takes the opportunity to give Xander a back rub, and he drops his head to the table in frustration. Or possibly pleasure. Who knows? Anyway, Cordy returns, is squicked, and hurries Joyce out the back door before you can say "Mrs. Robinson." She adds, "And keep your mom-aged mitts off my boyfriend. Former!" Hee. Cordy and Xander bicker a bit until Joyce breaks one of the door windows and demands to be let in, sporting a smile scarier than anything seen in The Shining. Cordy and Xander run up to Buffy's room. Xander looks out the window, notes that the mob hasn't found them yet, and opines that they should be safer there. Angelus appears in the window out of nowhere in game face and smirks, "Works in theory." He grabs Xander and pulls him out. Is anyone surprised that Angelus is the only guy to grab Xander while this spell is in effect? Yeah, that's what I thought.

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