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Bring On The Night

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Bring On The Night

Buffy peers out a window. Giles comes up and tells her that everyone there accepts that she's in charge. Um, thanks? I don't think that was even an issue in the last scene, was it? Buffy hopes she's making the right decisions, and Giles starts out well by saying he has faith in her, but then gets rather burdensome by adding, "And they're depending on you." Ugh. He can't know what Dream Joyce has been telling her, of course, but I think that after being by Buffy's side for seven years of her putting her life on the line, he would realize that she is only too aware of her responsibilities. I'm over this whole "is this really Giles or is he dead?" thing. In fact, I'm so over it that, at dinner tonight, I told my sister I hope Giles is actually dead. She said, "You depress me more than Buffy does." Uh, that was not the way I meant the conversation to go. Family. Gotta love 'em. Anyway, what I meant was that it might be exciting to see an evil Faux Giles really mess with Buffy's head, and that ASH could have fun with the role. My sister brought me back to earth by reminding me that The First would do a terrible hatchet job with being Giles. So now I hope Giles isn't really dead and that the scripts let him go back to being a decent person soon. Buffy tells Giles she doesn't need the pressure from him, and then the pageant contestant from "Australia" rushes in to tell them that Annabelle has run away. Crikey!

Somehow, in a few minutes, Annabelle has managed to run all the way from Buffy's quiet, residential neighborhood to a dark, menacing factory or power plant or something. You know, the big power plant/factory right behind Buffy's house that we've seen in all those episodes...oh forget it. Let me just say that this scene and the ensuing fight could equally well have taken place in a residential alley around the corner from Buffy's house, or one of the familiar alleys off Sunnydale's main street, and I find the location to be a distracting and pretentious choice. Poor stupid Annabelle clutches her tiny cross pendant as she runs, but we know that's not going to help her at all. She runs around the corner of a large dumpster and right into the wee little hand of Notsferatu. A crunching noise indicates that it has snapped her neck. I guess Notsie just knew she was going to show up there? Or perhaps we're supposed to believe that The First was working on her and then coerced her to run to that particular place? I suppose we'll never know. Thank goodness we had all those extra minutes of Faux Dru flinging her bony hips and arms about instead.

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