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Bring On The Night

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Bring On The Night

Somehow, Buffy has tracked Annabelle to the factory, out of all the places in Sunnydale she could have run to. Why not check the dam, the university, the Espresso Pump, the airport, or the harbor instead? Anyway, Buffy walks up to Annabelle's body and then, in this great open space, she just stands there and stares. She knows the girl is dead, yet she doesn't check her surroundings for enemies or show any signs of alertness at all. She just stands and stares. At this point, I began rooting for Notsferatu to rid us all of this troublesome and apparently chronically stupid Slayer. Since Buffy is just standing and staring, she's caught off guard when Notsie jumps out of nowhere and knocks her down. Seriously? There was nowhere nearby for him to hide; he had to have walked right up to her and knocked her down. Poor stupid Buffy. She didn't even bring any weapons on this little mission! She had to have been reasonably sure she would run into the Turok-Han, and she didn't bring any means of self-defense with her. Obviously the stake through the heart didn't work, but a long, sharp sword through the neck might have. Or a flame-thrower. I really think a flame-thrower would've spiced this episode up some. They try some tricky camera work to make Notsie look menacing, but he never really transcends "skinny little guy in an immobile foam head," and that's just not scary. But at least now there's fighting (such as it is) to recap.

Buffy clambers to her feet, and Notsie gets her in a chokehold. I guess he's more of a squeezer than a biter. Maybe because he just hasn't explored the whole bloodsucking thing yet? He does look entranced when Buffy spits some blood in his face, and lets her go in order to wipe his mouth and growl. Buffy limps into the factory. Notsie trips along lightly behind her. Buffy limps. Notsie stalks. You know, I don't watch this show to see the heroine be a mewling loser. And she's been a mewling loser for, oh, two seasons or so now. These days I kick more ass and take more names than Buffy does, and I have a desk job! Buffy does finally manage to whap Notsie a good one with a length of pipe, but it only slows him down for a second. They fight. Or, more accurately, Notsie punches, kicks, shoves, and otherwise generally kicks Buffy's ass all over the place. Finally, Buffy ends up on the ground and sees that Notsie is standing under a whole mess of metal pipes. She kicks out a support, and the load of pipes comes smashing down onto her opponent. For a tiny fraction of a millisecond, I believe this is an ass-kicking moment, but then I remember that this year's Buffy can have no dignity, and I also realize that we didn't get a power shot or quip. Instead, we just have the extremely damaged Buffy limping away from the pile of pipes, like every damaged blonde victim in every horror movie ever made. And that indicates, like in every horror movie ever made, that It's Not Over Yet. Indeed, she turns back and stares in terror as Notsferatu shakes off all the pipes. He's seemingly unharmed and comes after her, throwing her into a wall and then tossing her through another one. The rest of the wall comes down onto her. The screen is dark, and we hear Xander call Buffy's name. Xander pulls some sheet metal off the unconscious Buffy and he, Willow, and Giles stare in horror at her battered and bloody body.

Notsilla. Fauxsilla. Faux Dru. Oh, God. Make it stop. Make it stop! No more, please. Fauxsilla asks Spike if he knows why he's still alive. I choke down comments about his being handsome and a fan favorite as I remember that I'm on Spike's side in these scenes, because he cannot ever be as annoying as Fauxsilla, and he mostly has been keeping his mouth shut, which makes him bearable. Blah blibbity blah. Spike's alive because The First wills it to be so and is not done with him yet. But I am. I'm so done with both of them. Spike says he won't be The First's "puppet" any more, which causes The First to get all screechy and extra-terrible in the accent department. "Ahnd whot moikes you thoink you hoive a choice? Whot makes you thoink you will ever be any good a-tall in this world?" it demands. "Because she believes in me," replies Spike. I'm so very moved. To go to the kitchen to get a soda before the final stretch.

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