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Bring On The Night

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Bring On The Night

Cut to a cave somewhere. Spike, carved designs on his chest still fresh, is being dragged across the dirt floor by some Harbingers. Notsferatu appraises him with as much loathing as one can summon when one doesn't have a nose, one's mouth can't close, and one's face is entirely immobile. It was all in the eyes, I guess. "Go on," says First Spike, stepping out from behind some cave stuff, "give him a kick then. You always liked that, didn't you?" Wooosh. First Spike morphs into First Dru. "Kick a dolly when he's down," she finishes. Great. Just about the only thing worse for me than having two Spikes to contend with is having a Spike and a Dru. Notsferatu stomps on Spike's chest. Faux Dru prattles. Faux Dru bounces. Faux Dru annoys.

Sweet merciful credits. Oh, The Two Towers! I'm excited to see it, although I'm going to miss conflicted, rugged, manly Boromir. I'm hoping his brother will make a tasty substitute.

Casa Summers. Anya splashes a glass of water into Andrew's face, attempting to rouse him, as Dawn stands by. "Maybe if you threw hot water on him?" Dawn suggests. "Good thinking!" agrees Anya with enthusiasm. These two have a future in the dominatrix business, I think. The duo head to the kitchen, but take a quick detour to the couch when they run into Buffy. They sit, looking as innocent as my cat attempted to look after she defied my shooing earlier today and brushed up against a freshly painted wall. See if I help her get the Sears Devonshire Cream off her ass fur any time soon. "Nothing," says Dawn preemptively. Buffy looks confused, but before she can question Dawn further, Andrew begins to come to. "Silly Andrew," says Anya in an attempt to cover. "You drooled all over yourself." Andrew's memories of his last moments come back to him and he says, "I was about to be dead. You saved me." "For the time being," replies Buffy before threatening to hand him over to The First. Wow. What a hero. Andrew's confused by this reference, since he slept through the research sessions. Anya provides a cursory explanation. Not that it isn't repetitive for the viewers, mind you. Andrew deems the moniker "The First" not "ominous" enough. "Evil names should be like Lex or Voldemort or..." Buffy breaks up this one-note performance and asks Andrew where the Seal of Danzig is located.

Cut to the school basement. Gang, led by Andrew, in search of the seal. Buffy asks him about the function of the Seal of Danzig, but Andrew, being just a pawn, has no idea. Dawn finds the wheel that Spike was trussed to when we last saw him, and notes the blood on it. Seems like Dawn wanted to make an impression on The First, as she's taken the time to crimp random curls into her hair. "Looks like The First made another sacrifice. Or a music video," Dawn muses in reference to the bloodied wheel. Andrew and Xander bicker about Andrew killing Jonathan. Whom no one has taken a moment to remember or regret. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since even Tara only got two seconds of mourning this season. Buffy guesses that The First used Spike to activate the seal. She decrees that before they decide what their next move is, they need to cover the Seal of Danzig. Everyone grabs shovels and gets to it.

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