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Bring On The Night

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Bring On The Night

Annabelle, the Junior Miss Slayer contestant from Britain, comes forward to lay the three or four surviving volumes on the coffee table. Luckily Giles pilfered them as soon as he caught wind of The First's plans. Giles refers to the books he's brought as "the mystic secrets of the Watchers," which for some reason made me think of The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu. Then I started to wonder if I'll get the Echo and the Bunnymen box set I wish-listed for Christmas. Sorry, my brain works in mysterious ways. Anya accuses Giles of blowing up the Watcher's headquarters, and he snaps at her that he didn't. She looks overly chagrined. Andrew says something. I ignore him. Xander goes to gag him. The camera follows Xander to provide the viewers with the pleasure of seeing Andrew's mouth taped shut. I wouldn't have found Dawn so creepy if she'd simply shut Andrew up with some tape instead of belting him, I guess. Giles expositions the rules The First operates under, which are pretty similar to what we've seen so far. It can change form, but can only appear as someone who has died, and it can't physically manipulate objects on its own. The Junior Miss Slayers talk amongst themselves, and I ignore them. Giles glooms and dooms that The First is different than other enemies. "There's evil and then the thing that created evil. The source." He continues that The First has had "eternities to act. Endless resources. How to defeat it. Honestly I don't know." Pause. "I'm afraid it falls to you, Buffy." "But no pressure," adds Xander. Who is this depressing man masquerading as my Giles? Shame on him for coming all the way back to Sunnydale to be so useless. One of the Junior Miss Slayers makes a little speech. I mostly ignore her. She says that they ought to be hiding rather than coming directly to the Hellmouth. "She's not wrong," agrees Buffy. "We need more muscle. That's why we need to find Spike." Huh? Who does Buffy think she's fooling with that lame excuse about needing Spike to fight? I guess I can grudgingly understand rescuing him, but letting him fight with you? An ally who is under the direct mind control of your enemy is an ally you really, really don't need at your side in a fight.

Cut to The Cave Of Nonsensical And Ineffective Torture. Spike is plunged into water and held down by Notsferatu. He writhers and wriggles and struggles as if in pain until he finally stops breathing and passes out. Notsferatu hauls him out, and Spike lies like the dead on the ground until he starts moving and burbles water up out of his lungs. Is this supposed to be a torture scene? Because all I see is Spike acting like a dumb-ass and breathing when he's underwater even though, as a vampire, he doesn't need to breath AT ALL. Him getting his head dunked should be about as much torture as me sticking my hand in my water glass. I like two things about this scene. One is that Spike is silent, and the other that his hair is all wet and rumpled. It's a welcome relief from the Peroxide Helmet and I almost find him cute again. "That's why our kind makes such good dollies. Hard to kill," explains Faux Dru. Or should I called her Notsilla, to go with Notsferatu? Or maybe Fauxsilla? Fauxsilla babbles and babbles as she sways back and forth and pulls her dress up over her knees. What the hell is that about? The last thing I want to see is Fauxsilla with a wedgie. Oh. Faux Dru's skirt, formerly red, is now black. What an impressive use of power. She/it chirps, "I'm not done with you yet." And Notsferatu holds Spike under water again. At least Spike can't talk under there.

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