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Bring On The Night

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Bring On The Night

Giles and Buffy walk down the main street on their way to the last location where Buffy saw the Harbingers -- the hidden cavern under the Christmas tree lot. Buffy worries, "This is bad, isn't it? A new kind of bad." "Just in time for Christmas," confirms Giles. Yes, maybe The First will get scarier if you talk a lot about how bad it is. So far it doesn't seem to be working, but keep at it, guys. Buffy had no idea it was December. Probably because, according to continuity, it's no more than a week after "Conversations with Dead People" aired. "Maybe when we get home we should decorate the rubble," suggests Buffy, before asking Giles if he'll ever show up for a "real" visit." She misses Giles. The robot playing Giles in this episode robots that he misses Buffy too. I've heard more sincerity from harried sales clerks delivering their store-mandated greetings during my last-minute Christmas shopping.

Back at Casa Summers, Willow is trying to figure out the sleeping arrangements. She's trying to find places for all the Junior Misses to bed down, but doesn't mention Giles. That's because he's sleeping with me. What? He's annoying this episode, but I still lurve him. Kennedy, the pageant contestant from Obnoxious Town, USA, cleverly nixes all of Willow's various combinations until an exasperated Willow puts her in charge. Kennedy flounces up the stairs, sheets in hand, with a saucy, "You better not hog the covers." Willow is agape, but is interrupted by Dawn who has burned the macaroni and cheese she was making for dinner. Dawn quickly suggests dousing it in hot sauce and telling the Junior Miss Slayers that it's blackened, Cajun-style. But too late for that plan, because Anya has just dumped it in the trash. Apparently it turns out that cookies are the dinner of choice. The two other Junior Miss Slayers, Dawn, and Willow all munch away, with Anya standing at the sink and muttering unintelligibly to herself. Anya has a sudden and unprecedented housework fetish? Anya has a sudden and unprecedented tendency to mutter behind people's backs and not simply say what she's thinking in a loud voice right to their faces? What a bizarrely shot and directed scene. It made almost no sense, and the voice-over was terrible and unnecessary. So incredibly amateurish. I wish that The First Evil would stop producing this show.

Empty Christmas tree lot. Shouldn't it be, erm, full if it's Christmas? Or at least not all quiet and boarded up. Buffy finds the entrance to the underground cavern by falling in. Good to see that she's honed those Slayer skills in the last few years. Giles peers down into the cavern, but Buffy tells him to stay up top. She wanders around weaponless as something darts around in front of the camera. She turns around to find Notsferatu right in her face. He knocks her into the wall to say hello. And now comes my favorite part of each and every episode I recap: they fight. Or, more to the point, some tiny man in a blond wig and another tiny man in a rubber mask fight. Hey, that's just the view from this couch. Buffy's having a bunch of trouble with this one, even though for once she has the height advantage. Buffy finally gets a stake in, but it doesn't take. He pulls it out. She gets all wide-eyed because she's a silly ninny who went to check out an evil cave of evilness and forgot to pack any another weapons.

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