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Bring On The Night

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Bring On The Night

Back at Mission Control, the Scoobies are getting weapons as Giles informs us that the sun is about to set. The Junior Misses sit on the sofa, looking nervous; Xander tells them to cheer up, because despite not knowing much of anything, the gang does now have the house boarded up. He suggests that they just need to trap the "uber-vamp" in the pantry and "it's game over." Willow chides him for making "jokes in the face of death" on front of the new girls, and Xander quips, "Who's joking?" I'm asking the same thing, myself, but I'm feeling pretty serious about how unfunny this scene is so far. Xander's married to his pantry idea, which he got from Signs, in case you haven't seen it. And if you haven't yet, don't bother. It's incredibly stupid, with a heapin' side helping of pretension. Buffy and Willow try to reassure the Junior Misses that they'll be okay and then Willow launches into a really longwinded apology to Buffy for not being able to do magic without being possessed by evil. Buffy stares at her, stony-faced, and I wish she'd just say something, anything at all, because her lack of response just seems to make Willow ramble on more and more. Willow finally concludes, "I wish I could help out," and all Buffy can manage in reply is, "No one expects you to make everything right," in the saddest little tone of voice, clearly telegraphing her ever so crushing awareness that everyone does expect Buffy to make everything right. I'm not quite sure at what point in this season I started disliking Buffy so much, but this scene isn't really helping at all. Willow is oblivious (despite Buffy's hostile folded-arms posture) to the fact that Buffy has no interest in, or compassion for, her distress, and continues to wish she could help. Buffy's basically all, "Butt out, whiny witch bitch. It's not like you're the Chosen One," and turns to leave. Willow stops her, saying that she knows Buffy won't ask for help even if she needs it, but Buffy just shrugs and says, "I'll be okay." Is that supposed to be stoic? Am I supposed to feel sorry for her that she won't discuss anything with anyone or ask for help, despite all the times she's learned that her friends make her stronger? Blah. Stupid mouthy Kennedy prances over and demands weapons for the Junior Misses. Giving them weapons seems like a good idea, if all of them have actually been trained in anticipation of becoming the Slayer. There's some arguing, because Buffy isn't sure about giving them the weapons, and Annabelle says that even without weapons they're "safe as houses" with the Slayer. Veddy good show, Annabelle, wot? Kennedy points out that the house they're in is halfway demolished. Well, it's a saying, Kennedy, but good point anyway. Give the girls some weapons. What's the very worst that could happen? Something will attack them, they'll get a little cocky because they're armed, and they'll quickly get killed. Fine by me. Buffy okays the Junior Misses getting weapons.

Andrew (I forgot about him) wants to be untied, because he has a bad feeling about things. Buffy wants to know why they should let him loose, and Andrew unconvincingly argues, "I admit, I went over to the dark side. But just to pick up a few things, and now I'm back." He concludes by saying, "I'm good again!" Buffy cracks me up a little by countering, "And when were you good before?" She stalks out of the room. Then any goodwill I had from that chuckle is lost as Andrew dribbles out another Star Wars reference. Could Andrew be any more one-dimensional? And there's no way he can make any fandom references that are going to amuse me, because at this point it is just so PREDICTABLE. I think the writers have a twenty-sided die that they roll to write Andrew's lines. Some sides say "whine," some sides say "snivel," some say "fantasy/reality problem," and the rest have the names of various fandoms associated with nerds. Roll the die a few times and you have all your Andrew dialogue for the episode. Andrew then yammers about redemption in what I think I could be some sort of meta-commentary on all the tortuous, angsty, self-important redemption happening on the show. However, it lacks any sort of satirical bite and could just be bad writing.

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