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Previouslys. Faith introduces herself. Faith kills Twitchy. Faith doesn't care. Faith is unstable. Faith saves Buffy from Mr. Trick. Faith joins forces with the Mayor. Faith gets the Books of Ascension. Faith tells Buffy that the ascension can't be stopped. Faith tells Buffy to "stick around." So is Faith going to be in this episode or what?

That would be yes. Faith sits in the Mayor's desk chair with her eyes closed. He tells her she can open them, and there's a box tied up with a ribbon in front of her. She asks what the occasion is, and he tells her it's to thank her in advance for "running a small errand at the airport." Faith gets a little sassy. The Mayor: "This isn't a free ride, young lady. You know, I'm beginning to think that somebody's getting a little spoiled. Maybe I should take this back." Faith meekly apologizes. They're really selling the father-daughter dynamic here. The Mayor accepts her apology, and offers her a cookie. Hee. He explains that the errand in question involves something crucial to his ascension. He brightly says that without it, "well, what would Tollhouse cookies be without the chocolate chips?" Faith hilariously regards her cookie as if she's actually pondering the answer to that question. I don't think he meant it as a Zen koan, dear. He continues, "A pretty darn big disappointment, I can tell you!" He tells her to open her present. She complies, and practically glows upon seeing the knife we know so well. She might not have been so happy about it if she'd known that it would end up in her gut. He tells her not to put anyone's eye out with it, "until I tell you to." Faith: "Any particular eyes in mind?"

Cut to Buffy and Angel, fighting two vamps. They dust them, Buffy executing a very cool jumping side kick in the process. She starts to mope that she and Angel are in a rut. "You never take me anyplace new." Angel tries to tell her that the fire demon nest they took out was a nice change of pace. Heh. Buffy wonders if this is how they'll spend their nights when "I'm fifty and you're the same age you are now." Nice try, honey. Hear that sound? That's the clock ticking off the number of minutes until David Boreanaz looks too old to play Angel. It's not a large number. They hear a vamp growl, and Angel suggests that they focus on just getting her to fifty. Credits.

The Mummy. Wow, the commercials didn't do that movie any favors.

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