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Buffy's studying. No, really. Joyce walks in and asks when Buffy was going to tell her. Buffy thinks she's talking about a pair of earrings that Buffy apparently borrowed, but Joyce says that she's referring to the fact that Buffy was accepted to Northwestern. That's a mega-shout-out to Demian. Joyce gushes, but Buffy doesn't look so enthusiastic. Joyce says it's not cheap, but they can swing it if Buffy's dad pitches in. That'll happen. She tells Buffy how proud she is. Buffy: "You said that before." Joyce: "And will again soon." Aw, Joyce. Buffy considers bursting her mom's bubble by telling her she can't leave Sunnydale, but decides to let her have her happy moment, simply saying that she wants to consider her options. Joyce picks up the phone to call a relative to brag. As she dials, she calls after Buffy. Buffy: "I know. You're proud of me." Joyce: "Don't forget to put my earrings back in my dresser before you go out." Hee. I miss Joyce so much.

School, outside. Snyder harasses some kid, thinking he's got drugs in his lunch bag, but it turns out it's just his lunch. Snyder: "Sit up straight." Hee. I suppose this was done to establish that Snyder's cracking down on drugs at the school, given his later behavior. That was totally unnecessary, in my opinion, but still funny. At another table, Willow, Oz, and Buffy sit, while Xander sits against a nearby tree. Willow says that it sounds like Joyce is in a state of denial. Buffy: "More like a continent." She says she can't go away, especially with Faith having turned evil, and that it's UC Sunnydale for her, but congratulates Willow on getting into Oxford. "That's where they make Gileses!" Why does she think I moved to England? Willow's excited, but isn't sure about going to school in a foreign country. Xander, holding a copy of On The Road by Jack Kerouac, pipes up, "'Everything in life is foreign territory.' Kerouac. He's my teacher. The open road, my school." Buffy snarks, "Making the open dumpster your cafeteria?" Xander: "Go ahead, mock me." Oz: "I think she just did." Ha! What can I add to that? Oh, I know: Shut up, Xander. The cuteness continues; Xander: "We bohemian antisocial types have always been persecuted." Oz: "Well sure, you're always so weird." I miss Oz so much. Willow thinks a road trip is a good idea for Xander, and he says it will help him find himself. Cordy, who's just walked onscreen: "And help us to lose you. Everyone's a winner." Xander uses Willow's college acceptances to try to needle Cordelia. Cordy: "Oxford. Whoopee! Four years in Teabag Central. Sounds thrilling. And MIT is a Clearasil ad with housing, and Yale is a dumping ground for those who didn't get into Harvard." Willow: "I got into Harvard." Heh. Harvard sucks. Xander and Cordy snark a bit more. Buffy throws in a relatively innocent comment. Cordy: "I'm sorry, Buffy, this conversation is reserved for those who actually have a future." Unnecessary roughness penalty right there, especially with the whole death subtext. Cordy can be a real bitca, can't she? Buffy looks like the comment hit way too close to home.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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