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Library. Wesley tells Buffy, "I don't understand." That's because you're an idiot. Okay, wait -- maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt. Buffy tells him she wants to leave Sunnydale after she graduates. Yup, I was right -- idiot. He stares blankly at her, saying that she's the Slayer. Giles, emerging from his office, starts to say that he knows they've discussed this subject before. Buffy interrupts him to say that she got into Northwestern. Giles's face brightens beautifully, but Wesley ponces about Slayer-related stuff, and forbids Buffy to leave Sunnydale. He mentions the Council, and makes a very prissy-looking symbol with his fingers. Does the Council have an official symbol? Regardless, it was funny, in the "I'm laughing at Wesley, not with him" way. Buffy rolls her eyes. Giles: "Oh yes. That should settle it." Hee. Wesley brings up the ascension and Faith, but Buffy offers to take care of those problems. She says she's tired of waiting for something to happen. Wait till you get to Season Six, sweetie. She says they should take the fight to the Mayor. Wesley thinks that's too risky, but Giles agrees with her, and suggests finding out what the Mayor's up to. The preschoolers across the street suggested the same thing five minutes ago.

Airport, at night. A small propeller job lands. A dude with long hair, a tattooed face, and snakeskin boots emerges holding a large metallic box. Wow, why not have him puffing on a cigarette too? He's obviously got less than a minute to live. He approaches a henchvamp standing by a car. The marked-for-death guy asks the henchvamp where the Mayor is. The henchvamp opens the car door and says he'll take MFD Guy to him. We see that the box is handcuffed to MFD Guy's wrist. He kicks the door shut, saying that the Mayor was supposed to be there himself. "Well, the price just went up. I don't like surprises." On cue, an arrow pokes out of his chest. MFD Guy and the henchvamp stare at it. Hee. Now-Dead Guy keels over, revealing Faith standing atop some airport structure. She sneers, "Surprise." She walks over to the henchvamp, who's completely collecting flies. He manages, "You killed him." Faith: "What are you, the narrator? Get the keys to the cuffs!" Heh. The vamp can't find them. Faith draws her new toy. The henchvamp smugly tells her that it won't cut through steel. Faith, with a smile: "No, but it'll cut through bone." The vamp's face falls. She's so evil that she's squicking out demons. And me. Was that redundant?

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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