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The car pulls up to City Hall. Buffy watches from the bushes. The henchvamp opens the door for Faith, who carries the box inside. She walks into the Mayor's office. He's delighted to see her and the box, but wonders where the courier is. Faith: "I made him an offer he couldn't survive." This cracks the Mayor up, and he compliments her initiative. She invites him to go on, and he does, telling her that if Buffy offered to join him, he'd tell her he's already got all the Slayer he needs. That sounded slightly creepy and wrong. At the mention of Buffy, the temperature in the room drops about fifty degrees. He asks if Faith's still hung up on the events of "Enemies," but she says she's fine. She goes to open the box, but he whirls and pounds it closed. "Don't do that." Heh.

The henchvamp pulls the car up somewhere. He hears a noise, and then Buffy punches the driver's side window in. She drags him out, and with a bright smile asks, "So what's in the box?"

Library. Buffy tells the gang that what she saw is called the Box of Gavrok. That idiot henchvamp knew what it was called? He was about as bright as Thomson and Thompson from Tintin. I can't see him being privy to any useful information. She says that the box houses demonic energy the Mayor will need to "chow down on come A-Day." Giles and Willow walk in with blueprints of City Hall that Willow obtained through hackery. Buffy says that, before she was forced to "introduce him to Mr. Pointy," the vamp told her that the box was being held in a conference room on the top floor. Wesley tries to suggest something. He's ignored. Hee. Buffy says that she and Angel will climb up a fire ladder on the side of the building and retrieve the box through the skylight. Giles and Willow say that they'll have to perform a ritual to destroy the box, and send Xander to the magic shop. Wesley can't bear not to be the center of attention any longer, and tantrums that the Mayor will have "supernatural safeguards" protecting the box. Giles's expressions through this part are hilarious, as he looks like he's humoring a child. Wesley's revelation doesn't faze anyone, as Buffy says it's a job for "Wiccan girl." They all leave, Wesley last. Hee.

Xander, on the main drag, sees Cordelia through a store window. He enters, and speculates that she was so snide earlier because she didn't get into any good schools. Only he uses a lot more words than that, and sticks his foot so far into his mouth that he succeeds in kicking his own ass from the inside. Cordy: "And once again, the gold medal in the being wrong event goes to Xander 'I'm As Stupid As I Look' Harris." I'll have to remember that one if I do nicknames in a future recap. She rattles off her acceptances: USC, Colorado State, Duke, and Columbia. He snarks that she only got in because she's rich, putting her on the other side of one of those "hitting too close to home" comments. She tells him to go away. He says that he has to get back to saving lives, and that he wouldn't want to keep her from any "important accessorizing." After he leaves, Cordy looks sad. Aw. She deserved it for the terrible things she said in "The Zeppo," but I still feel bad for her. I think I like Cordelia so much because she's the only character, in my opinion, that's exhibited logical, halfway believable character development over the years. Although that floating up into the sky thing was annoying.

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