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A van pulls up to City Hall. Buffy, Angel, and Willow get out. Giles and Wesley are in the front. Giles says that if anything should go wrong, he and Wesley will create a diversion. I fervently hope said diversion would entail Giles pushing Wesley out of the van and driving away. Wesley tells them to synchronize their watches, but Buffy and Willow hold up empty wrists. Hee. I hate wearing a watch too. Giles tells them to be careful, and they get to it. Giles offers Wesley tea from a Thermos. Heh. The three Scoobs climb the ladder.

In the library, Xander and Oz prepare the ritual. There's a large urn involved. That'll be important later. Oz shows Xander instructions that Willow wrote out for them, noting that there are drawings of everything involved, including them. Xander wonders which stick figure is which, but Oz points out that he's the one with the guitar. Aw. They bond over how great Willow is, and start with the ingredients for the ritual. Oz's fingernails are painted black. I've never noticed that before. I don't think it really works with his blond hair.

City Hall roof. Buffy, Angel, and Willow look through the skylight, and Angel opens it. Buffy hands Willow a book and a bottle of some sort of powder. Willow reads an incantation as she pours out the powder. We see that the box, atop a conference table, is protected by a magic bubble. As she finishes the incantation, she pours out the remainder of the powder, and the bubble disappears. They're psyched. No offense to Willow, but I think Angel probably could have performed that spell just as easily. Buffy tells Willow to get going, which annoys me. Wouldn't it have been safer to wait for them there? Angel rigs a harness for Buffy, and lowers her into the room. She grabs the box, but an alarm goes off. The harness jams, and Buffy calls desperately for Angel. Two vamps enter the room. Angel gives up on the harness, jumps down, and grabs the box. Box-fu ensues. Boy, you write weird things when you're a recapper. Buffy manages to get out of the harness. I don't usually notice stuff like this, but both their stunt doubles here look nothing like them. It's like the stunt double parody in I'm Gonna Git You Sucka. The fight also goes on way longer than it would have taken for back-up to get there. Maybe the Mayor's got the rest of his vamps disinfecting his bathroom or something. Anyway, shockingly, Buffy and Angel manage to escape by pinning the two vamps under the conference table. They run out the front door. Giles and Wesley peel out in the van, and the vamps, thinking Buffy and Angel are inside, give chase. Stupid vamps. Buffy and Angel, who took cover, run off with the box.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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