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Mayoral offices. Wilkins and Trick watch security camera footage of Buffy and Faith skulking around the office. Mr. Trick reassures the Mayor that there won't be anything to worry about with them in jail, but the Mayor feels that they don't have enough evidence to put 'em away. Nothing except supposed witnesses who place them at the scene of the crime, and now footage of them breaking and entering into Finch's office the day after his murder. That's probably enough to get them arrested, which would cramp their movement. But The Mayor would rather vaguely threaten Mr. Trick that he had better "come up with a more efficient solution."

Mansion. Angel. Still. Talking. Y'know, apart from a few episodes, I don't mind Angel so much on Buffy (the show, people!), but I absolutely can't stand him on his own show. I think that's because over there he flaps his gums too damn much. Angel tries to talk to Faith. Seems to be getting through to her. I can't take this anymore, so I'm watching the rest of this scene with the sound off. "You can't imagine the price for true evil," says Angel. "I hope evil takes MasterCard," sasses Faith. Hmmm. Black leather pants, $178.00. Full complement of Wet 'n' Wild cosmetics, $4.99. Never, ever having to listen to Angel philosophize again? NAME YOUR PRICE. Faith looks like she's actually on the verge of mending the error of her ways -- according to the soundtrack, at least. Unfortunately, this is Wesley's cue to screw everything up. He bursts in with the wetworks gang in tow. They throw a net over Angel and beat him with crowbars a bit while Wesley unchains Faith and then handcuffs her. For exposition's sake, he says that he's taking her back to England so that the CoW can deal with her. Angel writhes on the floor, which he seems contractually obligated to do every few episodes. I was sort of wondering why they didn't stake Angel, but I suppose it's possible that at this point Wesley didn't know that he was a vampire, as they had just met in the previous episode, and the rest of the gang hasn't been overly chatty with Sir Windbag-Ponce, but that still doesn't answer the question of how Wesley even knew where to find Angel's place. And how did he get the key for Faith's handcuffs? And -- oh, forget it. My doctor told me that if I want to avoid some of my blinding migraines, I simply must stop thinking about plot inconsistencies. Can't I get workman's comp for this?

Van. Faith, chained in the back with Wesley and another guy. Blather about how the first priority of the Council is to help her. Faith tests her chains. Wesley notices and instructs the hired goon to tighten them. But that's exactly what Faith wanted, see, because as soon as he's within range, she pins the goon's head to the floor of the truck with her foot and warns Wesley that if he doesn't let her go, she'll "pop this guy's head like a grape." Wesley complies, and Faith jumps out the back of the truck. Huh. These goons seem remarkably less competent than the crew they sent after Faith in season four. But whatever. The area above my right eye is beginning to throb, so I'm just going to have to accept the double-think of the Council being incredibly powerful despite the ineptitude of ninety percent of the members. ["Ninety percent? More like all of them except Giles!" -- Ace]

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