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Mansion. Buffy returns to find Angel all trussed up like a Christmas goose.

Library. Angel fills the gang in on Faith's abduction. Buffy wonders aloud what action the Council will take vis-à-vis Faith; Giles speculates that they'll "lock her up for a good long while." Buffy decides that they should intercept them at the airport, but Willow, the sole voice of reason here, thinks that Faith "belongs behind bars." Y'know, if Buffy or any other Scooby bends any further backwards trying to help Faith, they could give up that whole "saving the world" gig and hire on with the circus as contortionists. It's really getting a little reeeediculous at this point. Buffy, thumbing through a catalog to pick out a spangly pink costume, protests that "Angel was getting somewhere with her...if we could just stop Wesley." "That's no longer an issue," declares Wesley, entering the library. Buffy gets exasperated with Wesley for ruining things yet again and dispatches the gang to look for the escaped Faith. Wesley: "What can I do? I want to help." Buffy: "Still got your ticket back to the mother country?" Ouch. That'll leave a mark. Oh, and [Nelson voice] HA ha!

Docks. Buffy walks by, looking for Faith. Faith is already on a ship, but reveals herself to Buffy. Buffy again tries to talk to Faith, but Faith goads Buffy into punching her. That seems to drive something home to Buffy, who realizes that the line between herself and Faith could easily disappear -- if she let it. Buffy suddenly notices a wooden crate which is about to fall on Faith and pushes her out of the way, taking the blow herself. Faith tries to help Buffy, but they're beset by Mr. Trick and a trio of vamp minions. Two of them take on Faith, who grapples with them while the third just stands there balancing his checkbook or something. Faith deals with the first two enough for the third vamp to run past her and get thrown into some crates. He didn't even get a punch off. How did this guy get included in the raid? Nepotism? Faith throws one vamp into the bay while Buffy struggles free, but she's immediately punched by Mr. Trick. Buffy's still shaken and not getting the best of the fight. Faith stakes another vamp. Mr. Trick ties his red tie around Buffy's neck and is just dragging her around like a dog. For some reason, it's actually one of the scarier fights I've seen. He makes ready to bite her, but suddenly rears up, saying, "No. This is no good at all," before dissolving into dust. Buffy looks, grateful and confused, at Faith. Y'know, I just realized that when Mr. Trick burst on the scene, he was all talking about the vamp equivalent of Webvan -- ordering hapless victims online to be delivered overnight and farm-fresh to your door. But he turned out to be more flash than substance. And...I'm boring everyone again, aren't I? Well, excuse me while I go work on my next journal article, "The Rise and Fall of Mr. Trick as Harbinger of the Dot-Com Bust."

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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