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We're underwater. It's dark; bubbles rise. Buffy swims frantically towards the surface, but Allan Finch grabs her ankle and holds on tightly. Buffy flails away from him and finally gets her head above the surface. As she gasps for breath, we see Faith leaning over her. Faith grabs Buffy's head and pushes her back underwater.

Buffy, in cozy flannel pajamas, wakes from her nightmare. Looking miserable, she rises slowly from her bed and walks to her mother's bedroom, where the TV is tuned to a news segment about the recovery of Finch's body. As Buffy stares at the TV in horror, the Mayor delivers a speech, saying he will not rest until whoever did this is "found and brought to justice." Ooops! So much for Faith's brilliant "it never happened" plan. Joyce notices Buffy lurking in the doorway behind her and delivers one of her two lines this episode: "It's just terrible, isn't it?"

Daytime. Sunnydale High School library. Wes prisses that he wants the Slayers to look into Finch's death. Did we ever get an explanation of Wes's cover story for hanging around the library so much? Giles at least works there, but I'm thinking somebody might have become curious about a strange foreign stuffed-shirt guy always haunting the stacks, leching at the underage girlies. Did Giles try to pass Wes off as an intern? His cousin? A student teacher from the local university? His new boyfriend who needs a green card? Now this is going to bug me. Buffy tries to control her anxiety as she protests that Finch's murder is not their "jurisdiction," but Faith smilingly agrees to investigate if that's what Wesley wants. Giles and Wes get snippy with each other, because Giles thinks investigating a normal murder is a waste of the girls' time. And then arrives the second major flaw of season three. Flaw number one was Wesley existing at all. Flaw number two is the horrible, uncomfortable flirtation between Cordelia and Wesley. Ugh. Watching these two moon at each other is about as appealing as licking the floor of the guy's locker room at my gym. Not that I'd know from experience or anything. Anyway, Cordy enters the library looking for psychology books, and Wesley is rendered speechless by her, uh, beauty, I guess. Speechless Wesley is all good, but sadly he finds his tongue to introduce himself to Cordy. Wes makes the mistake of thinking Cordy is a teacher at the school, and who can blame him, really, because by season three Charisma Carpenter looked like she'd logged about twenty-seven hard years of sun damage. Cordy flirts a little and seems to find Wes attractive, which makes me figure that being hurt by Xander made her decide, "Oh, next time I'm going to date an even wimpier butt-monkey loser than the last one!" She leaves to spend few more hours in her favorite booth at Malibu Tans. Wes is gross and describes Cordy as "cheeky," but Faith cracks me up by telling him, "Uh, first word: jail; second word: bait." Buffy just looks sad. The Slayers leave to patrol after getting a final reminder from Wes that he wants them to catch the person who killed Finch.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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