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Moments later, Faith leads Buffy into an empty classroom. Hmmm, I'm seriously envying Faith's "Motor City Baby" scoop-neck T-shirt. Buffy's brown and somewhat sparkly strappy tank is pretty cool too. Someone take my temperature, please, because I just complimented an article of clothing chosen by the Fashion Nazi. The girls close the classroom doors (an attempt at secrecy that we never saw the likes of in season five), and Faith demands to know if Buffy is going to "rat [her] out." Buffy responds that she feels they have to tell, and that she can't pretend to investigate the murder. Faith tosses Buffy's deception about the return of Angel back in her face; Buffy ignores that and broken-records that they must tell. Faith feels that she'll go to jail if the girls reveal the secret, and I think it might have helped at this point for them to discuss exactly who they were planning to tell and possible reactions they could anticipate. But that would be logical communication, and really all they're doing is engaging in a conversation on a second-grade level. Buffy: "Yes, yes, yes, yes!" Faith: "No, no, no, no!" Waah, you meanie, give me back my dolly! Faith ruins her we-must-do-it-my-way message by snapping, "You were right there beside me when this whole thing went down. Anything I have to answer for, you do, too. You're a part of this, B. All the way," before flouncing out of the room. See, by saying Buffy's a part of it, she essentially gives Buffy equal rights to handle the situation how she chooses. "It's my problem. Let me deal with it my way" would be a better approach with Buffy, I think.

Buffy, still at school, wanders down a hall sadly and then spots Willow studying on a couch. As Buffy approaches, Willow looks up at her apprehensively and then pointedly looks back at her book. Buffy sits down; Willow picks at her book and asks where Faith went. The girls both speak at once, and then Willow stuffs her books in her bag, saying she has to leave to work on de-ratting Amy. Poor Amy. Damn, that girl has been a rat a long time. I hope in season six we get the gentle mercy of being released from worrying about Amy the Rat, you know? Anything would be fine at this point -- even a tiny rat funeral. Oooh, I'm gonna get death threats for that. Willow leaves quickly and Buffy sits, looking sad. There's a theme there. Buffy's sad. I thought I'd just point it out for any viewers in a coma who have lost their hearing.

That night, we're in the alley where Finch was killed. Police investigate the bloody Dumpster and interview a witness who supposedly overheard a man scream. I don't know what's up with that, because Finch didn't scream. He might have grunted, but I checked the "Bad Girls" tape and there was no scream. The camera pans around and we see Angel lurking behind a chain-link fence. He has an unnecessarily long flashback to finding Buffy in the alley with blood on her hand and beetles his brows in a constipated way. Ah, a look we know well! It's Angel "thinking."

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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