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The Mayor is in his office, bitching because shredding files isn't giving him the "lift" it usually does. As Trick listens patiently, the Mayor explains that Finch left a paper-trail of their nefarious dealings. He fusses about not getting the chance to "scold" Finch for preparing to betray him. Trick gives the Mayor the coroner's report on the killing, which reveals that Finch was struck right through the heart with a weapon that left wooden splinters in the wound. Trick figures that one of the Slayers was most likely responsible for the killing. "Do you think he talked to them?" frets the Mayor. "If he did, I'm thinking he said the wrong thing," snarks Trick. The Mayor starts chuckling; the idea of a Slayer on trial for murder is "sunshine and roses" to him.

Even later that night, Buffy and Faith break into Finch's office. Faith makes with the inappropriate humor, and Buffy "tsks" at her. Faith picks up a photo of Finch with the Mayor and strokes the frame. Her tough facade seems to crumble a little as she quietly muses, "He came out of nowhere." "I know," acknowledges Buffy, but somehow the moment slips by and Faith snarls, "Whatever. I'm not looking to hug and cry and learn and grow. I'm just sayin' it happened quick, you know?" She then wants to leave, but Buffy has a theory that Finch was looking for them. The fact that Finch's file drawers are all empty seems to indicate that something shady is going on. The girls are sneaking out of Finch's office when they spot the Mayor and Trick leaving the Mayor's office. Buffy and Faith quickly duck behind the door and hear that Trick and the Mayor are clearly in cahoots.

Faith and Buffy are walking down a street, discussing what they just learned. Buffy seems dispirited and admits she didn't get a "bad-guy vibe" off the Mayor. Faith laughs and tells her she needs to learn about people: "Nine times out of ten, the face they're showing you is not the real one." Buffy stops and says Faith seems to know a lot about that. She feels that Faith is putting on a light-hearted show about the killing, but that inside she must be feeling "like something sick creeped inside [her]." She commiserates that she feels the same way and wishes the whole thing were just a nightmare. Faith snarkily interrupts, and Buffy begs her for permission to tell Giles. Faith refuses, which I think is rather shortsighted. I mean, hi? The Mayor of Sunnydale, who has already vowed to find the killer, has just been revealed to be a super-bad guy to boot, and I would think you would want as many people on your side as you could get. Faith says everything is going to blow over (again, the Mayor is after your ass and he's evil -- think it through, honey), and if it doesn't, she can just skip town on a freighter.

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