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Buffy enters the library. What the hell is Giles doing there at this hour? I mean, this has been a really long night just to recap. I know Giles doesn't have a honey at home, but he could at least leave work and drink some nice Scotch or something. Poor Giles. And is it really feasible that a man who looks and sounds like Giles would only have a girlfriend every other year? By all rights, the man should be surrounded by an admiring throng of women at all times! But I digress. Ahem. Buffy enters the library, walking slowly. She calls for Giles, and he comes out to meet her by the check-out desk. As Buffy starts to say, "I know I've kept things from you before," Faith saunters out from Giles's office. She puts on a sad face and says, "It's okay, Buffy. I told him." Buffy looks like a huge weight has been lifted from her shoulders, but it falls again when Faith says, "I had to. He had to know what you did." Oh, burn. That is so low. Buffy is confused, then starts to desperately protest, but Giles coldly cuts her off. He orders Buffy into his office and dismisses Faith, who mutters, "Um, sorry," and then leaves. Giles follows Buffy into his office, where she breaks down, begging him to believe that it wasn't her who stabbed Finch. "It was Faith. I know," admits Giles; he saw through Faith's lies, but wanted her to leave thinking he believed her. Giles sits and tells Buffy she should have come to him straight away. He explains it's not the first time a Slayer has been involved in an accidental death. "The Slayer is on the front line of a nightly war. Now, it's tragic, but accidents have happened." Buffy digests this information and asks what the Watcher does in these cases. Giles explains that usually the Council of Watchers evaluates the case and then prescribes punishment if it sees fit; however, he has no intention of involving the CoW. Buffy wants to help Faith, but Giles says they cannot help until Faith admits what actually happened. They decide to meet the next day and talk about who can best approach Faith. Giles tells Buffy to not let anyone else know about the situation. "This is...extremely delicate. If we scare her off now, we may lose her forever," he explains. The camera has panned out into the library, where we see that weasel Wes. He's heard the whole thing. Ruh roh!

Wesley calls the CoW and asks to speak to Quentin Travers. He tells the person on the other end of the phone that the code word is "monkey," and then the person makes him spell it. I have to believe that someone is having a joke at Sir Windbag-Ponce's expense, because a ludicrous code word like "monkey" is really at odds with the supposed power of the Council to leap INS bureaucracy in a single bound.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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