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The gang sits around an empty classroom to discuss what is to be done with Faith. Because the gang is displaying the patience of Job in order to highlight how very many chances they're giving Faith, they decide that someone should talk to her. Because that's worked so well for Buffy so far. Xander thinks that he's the man for the job, but Giles points out that Xander hasn't had much contact with Faith. Xander hints that he and Faith have spent some time together lately, and that "she seemed to be, uh, responsive." Quick reaction shot of Willow as she Gets It. "And you guys talked?" queries Buffy. "Not extensively," admits Xander somewhat sheepishly. Buffy starts to say something but suddenly figures it out. As does Giles a second later. They both look to Willow, but the brainy redhead is one step ahead of them. "I don't need to say 'oh,' I got it before. They slept together." Sigh. How much do I miss Willow Classic? She figured out that Xander had slept with Faith off of one word, but couldn't realize her own best friend was a freakin' robot two years down the line. Buffy very gently tries to break the news to Xander that Faith doesn't take her paramours seriously; in fact, "They're kind of a big joke to her. No offense." Giles offers to let an embarrassed Xander research the Mayor and Mr. Trick connection to help out. The meeting breaks up, but Buffy pushes to resolve the Faith issue. Giles says that he isn't sure, and that he needs time to figure it out. Buffy feels that "she needs help now. I owe her that." Y'know, I'm getting a little sick and tired of Buffy turning her back on Faith. It's really no wonder at all that she sought refuge with the Mayor if this was the kind of attitude she got from the gang. I mean, c'mon.

Wistful chick rock plays in the background. Pan across the girls' restroom -- the door of one stall partially open, with sobbing sounds coming from within. Inside, Willow sits on the can, bawling, because she's wearing a maroon striped shirt paired with a red-flower-patterned lilac skirt. Or maybe because Xander slept with someone who wasn't her, and it's just further proof that they'll never be together the way she thought they would. Whatever. I think it could go either way.

Xander sits in the library, looking all hurt or something. Cut to Faith's No-Tell Motel room. Knockety-knock. Faith rolls up off the bed to answer the door. When she sees that it's Xander, she sighs in annoyance and asks him what he wants. Xander's come to have that talk with Faith. Faith is very abrupt, but Xander asks if he could come in, and after some uncomfortable banter, she accedes, "Five minutes." "That's all I need," says Xander. "For conversation!" he quickly amends. Xander suggests that Faith might need a friend and ally, but Faith puts the kibosh on that, telling him that he should offer that olive branch in Buffy's direction since she's the one who killed Allan. "I heard that version," says Xander. "Either way it sounds like it was an accident and that's the important part." Faith feels that the really important part is that "Buffy is the 'accidental murderer.'" Okay. Ace and I had a little conversation about Faith's level of intelligence, and while Ace thought she was as dumb as sawdust, I maintained that Faith is smart but just doesn't think. However, I must say that this episode is making it more and more difficult to justify my position, based on the fact that Faith actually seemed to think she could get away with pinning Allan's murder on Buffy.

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