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Anyway, Xander tries to get through to her some more, and Faith insults him. Xander offers that what happened wasn't Faith's fault -- and that he's willing to testify to that in court. Oh, poor misguided Xander. Faith, of course, twists that into Xander wanting to trumpet to the world that he slept with her. Xander demurs. Faith steps closer and starts to unbutton Xander's shirt, asking if he came by "for another taste." Xander protests, "Not now. Not like this." Faith wiggles and says something else. Xander says that he thought they had a connection, and Faith just laughs at him before throwing him on the bed and straddling him. She holds him down, pulls up his shirt, and runs her hands all over him. "I could do anything to you right now and you'd want me to." She kisses Xander viciously, practically chewing on his bottom lip. "I could make you die," she says as she starts to choke him. Moments pass. Xander flails. Faith chokes him. She hears a sound and looks over to see Angel with a baseball bat before the screen goes blank. Okay. I really don't get the Cult of Faith sometimes. Is everyone on the same page? She just tried to kill Xander. Someone who came to her in peace and offered to help her. Yes, it's terrible that she killed Finch, and while I believe she could have prevented it, I do think it was more manslaughter than murder. I sure don't condone her running away and dumping the body, but I can see how Faith would have thought that the best solution. And while I believe that the Scoobies did nothing wrong and probably could not have handled the situation differently, I can almost grok how Faith would have thought they might be against her. But here, with her pseudo-rape and attempted murder of Xander, is where Faith, in my mind, steps down the garden path into true evil. And I don't see how anyone can just sweep that under the rug.

Pan down a chain attached at one end to the ceiling and the other to Faith's wrists. She's in Angel's mansion, with Angel sitting on his coffee table twiddling with his baseball bat. Faith tries to tell Angel that she and Xander were "just playing." "And he forgot the safety word?" queries Angel dubiously. Heh. I wonder how they got that by the censors. Angel says something to Faith about her trust issues and says that he "just wants to talk to [her]." Oh god. If that isn't enough to scare anyone straight, I don't know what is. Faith tries to wheedle Angel into setting her free, but instead he walks into the courtyard to talk to Buffy. Angel says that talking to Faith is like "talking to a wall. Only you get more from a wall." I snicker into my hand and mumble that old adage about the pot and the kettle. Buffy, in the strangest twist of logic I've ever heard, decides to go pick up some of Faith's stuff: "That way she'll see we're on her side." ["Well, you know, being fashionably dressed means a lot to Buffy. So after nothing else worked, she's reaching out to Faith through the medium of clothes. I just hope she doesn't pack any black leather pants!" -- Ace] Angel warns Buffy that Faith may not want their help, but Buffy is upbeat and won't hear of it.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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