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Conversations With Dead People

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Conversations With Dead People

Spike walks the woman from the bar up to the stairs of her apartment building. We don't hear dialogue, but the woman gestures upstairs as if she doesn't quite want to say goodbye. Spike steps backwards and ducks his head. See? Harmless, like a big, fluffy kitten. Buffy was right.

Dawn, her face and mouth bloodied, is still trying to cast out the Frogman demon, despite the house being filled with strong winds and flying debris. She finishes the spell, and the invisible demon seems to scream in pain. Blood splatters all the walls and then vanishes. The winds stop, and Dawn falls to the floor amid the total destruction of the living room. She lifts her head slowly as the room fills with golden light. Joyce, in glowing white robes, stands smiling down on Dawn.

Willow (remember her?) is horrified that Tara and Ghost Of Cassie have foreseen some terrible path for her. She frets about what they've seen, and Ghost Of Cassie reiterates that Willow must give up all magic immediately. Willow agrees, but then tells Ghost Of Cassie that Giles told her that if she tried to stop completely, she'd most likely go off the deep end. Uh huh. Which is exactly what Ghost Of Cassie wants, Willow! Go Giles, choose Giles. Ghost Of Cassie encourages Willow to be strong; Willow, on the verge of tears, worries about killing her friends and confesses, "I'm not strong. I'm not an Amazon. I'm just me." Which is what she told Giles she wanted, to just be Willow, so should we consider this positive character growth? Ghost Of Cassie decides to change tactics. She suggests that there is one other thing Willow could do that would allow her to see Tara. She encourages Willow to join Tara, which would have the double benefit of reuniting her with her lover and protecting all her friends. As Ghost Of Cassie perks, "It's just like going to sleep," Willow's eyes seems to both widen and harden in realization. Her face set blankly, she stands slowly and demands, "Who are you?"

Back at the crypt, Buffy wants to know how Holden knows Spike. Yeah, better lose that superiority complex, Buffy, because Willow has just shown herself to be much more perceptive than you. How exactly would you figure a newly risen vampire knows Spike? Holden spells it all out for Buffy with alphabet blocks and a Power Point presentation: "He was the guy who sired me."

Close-up. With a snarl, Spike sinks his fangs into the neck of the woman from the bar. Her hands flutter around his neck. Then a long shot as he drinks. The woman's arms hang limply at her sides. Whoopsie. Note to self: watch out when Buffy says raging flash-floods, jumping from planes without parachutes, and hungry crocodiles are "harmless," as a Slayer's definition of "harmless" has a whole harmful element not found in most definitions of the word.

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