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Conversations With Dead People

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Conversations With Dead People

Library. Willow and Cassie Ghost chat. Willow asks why Tara didn't come herself. Cassie Ghost briefly dissembles, but under Willow's questioning, she says finally, "Because of what you did. You killed people. You can't see her. It's just how it is." Willow looks upwards and yells to Tara how much she misses her. Dude, she's dead, not deaf. Cassie just stares at her. Willow, eyes brimming with tears, wonders if Tara went away. Cassie says that Tara is still there. It's just that "she's crying." Distressed, Willow begs her not to cry. Cassie tells her that Tara "wishes she could touch [Willow]." Willow tells Tara how her life is "a giant hole" where everything hurts so much and it's not getting better. Cassie Ghost reminds Willow that she's "strong. Like an Amazon."

Bronze. A blonde girl in a jean jacket with a faux-fur collar approaches Spike and lays a pack of smokes on the bar next to him. She wordlessly asks, "Is this seat taken?" and he nods at her to sit down. I really shouldn't have been too surprised when she bit it in the end. I mean, she was smoking and all.

Graveyard. Buffy lies on a big stone coffin-like thing in lieu of a couch. I'm sure I'd know the word for that if I were the Slayer. Maybe some misunderstood gothy teen will email me. Holden provides Buffy with a little impromptu therapy relating to her relationships, which I'm not going to repeat here because DAMN is this scene talky enough already. Also we've pretty much already lived through most of Buffy's relationships, and I'm sure that everyone has already come to their own conclusions. Holden advises her that she should just ease up on herself, even though, because of his newfound evil nature, he's kinda enjoying her pain. Also, he mentions something that I've been saying for years, namely that Buffy, at age twenty-one, should in no way be settling down already. Preach it, charismatic dead guy! He uses an example of his girlfriend back at Dartmouth, whom he has no plans to "vampify" despite their good relationship -- he's just not ready for that immortal commitment. Which, I suppose, vamps have to take more seriously than the rest of us. At least I have the pleasure of knowing that my annoying exes will someday die. Holden gets so excited at how "insane" the situation is, in that he was too scared to talk to Buffy back in school, but now they're mortal enemies. "Hey!" says he, "wouldn't it be cool if we became nemeses?" This causes Holden to realize that it's probably going to be necessary to fight to the death. He assures Buffy that "it's nothing personal."

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