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Conversations With Dead People

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Conversations With Dead People

So. Much. Talking. Fight now?

Back from commercial, Buffy and Holden are fighting. Yay. She wants to kill him really dead; he claims that he was so touched by her opening up, he felt compelled to bite her. More fighting, and then they crash through a stained-glass window into a crypt. Hee. I wonder if the graveyard caretakers all over Sunnydale think the destruction caused by Buffy on her nightly rounds is actually caused by vandals. It amuses me to think of them wandering about, muttering about catching those damn kids this time and having no idea what's really going on.

Dawn stands in the Summers living room, which is totally dark except for some light coming in the windows. She turns in place, telling her haunting that she can hear it breathing. The raspy-breath sound effect they're using here is pretty scary. Dawn demands to know if the haunting is keeping her mother from her, and then in a flash of lightning we see Dead Joyce on the sofa. Her eyes are blank, milky-white orbs. Which creeps me out on many levels. Thinking about putting in contact lenses really squicks me out. I just had an eye test (I failed), and everyone is asking me if I'm going to get contacts. To which I say, "Uh-uh. Millions of years of evolution have instilled in me the idea that it's a Bad Idea to stick stuff in your eyes. I just can't overcome that kind of conditioning." So instead I'm choosing to drive Brit Boy insane by making him visit every optometrist in the greater Bay Area with me and asking, "Do you like this pair, or one of the other thirty-two pairs at the last five places we went to?" So far, I haven't broken his spirit, but I'll keep you posted. Dawn flinches and then slowly approaches the sofa. As she gets closer, the lightning flashes again, and this time there's a dark-colored demon crouched on top of Joyce's body. The first time I watched this scene, I was very confused as to why Joyce was being attacked by a Navy Seal frogman. We only see quick flashes of the demon and it's all black and shiny, so I think you can understand my mistake. Especially if you take into account what I said up above about needing glasses. Upon running the scene in slow-motion, the frogman illusion was destroyed, but I did notice that the demon appears to have a smaller creature hanging onto its back. Shudder. Joyce reaches out to Dawn and makes moaning noises. Dawn demands that Frogman get off her mom and let her talk. In a flash, the sofa is empty. Dawn searches around the floor for the axe she was carrying earlier, and in another flash of lightning, she sees it swinging right for her face. A scary demon voice commands, "Get out!" and Dawn runs for the front door. When she opens it, however, she's blown back by an incredibly strong wind. That seems counterproductive on the demon's part if it really does want her to leave, but does make sense if it only wants Dawn to think that it wants her to leave, thereby strengthening her resolve to stay, which is the result it truly wants. How's that for insane troll logic? Dawn decides to stay and protect Joyce. Joyce's body is back on the sofa. It opens its milky eyes. Creepy!

Jonathan and Weasel Andrew are down in the basement of Sunnydale High. The Weasel notes that the corridors in the basement seem to be shifting. As Jonathan looks at their map, the Li'l Weasel turns away as if he knows just where to look. He shines his flashlight down the hall, and we see Warren standing up against a door. I was totally expecting that, but it managed to make me jump anyway. It appears that Warren is standing, or hanging, in front of the room where Buffy found Spike in "Lessons." Jonathan and the Weasel enter, find the spot they're looking for, and start digging.

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