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Conversations With Dead People

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Conversations With Dead People

Buffy and Holden fight. Sweet, wonderful fighting. Such easy recapping. But I'm sure they'll start talking again soon. Oops, yeah, here it is. Buffy is about to stake Holden when he gets her goat by asking if she's killing him because he's evil, or because she opened up to him. "Why can't it be both?" asks Buffy. No, she doesn't, actually. She just stomps around, all goat having been gotten. And isn't that a strange phrase, when you think about it? "You dirty swine! You stole my eggs and I let it go. You lured away my wife and I looked the other way. But then you got my goat. Now I'm really angry!" Just doesn't make much sense. Maybe I just don't appreciate goats enough. As someone who is reading this over my shoulder just said, "I'd've thought you'd have a special affinity for other horned and cloven-hoofed creatures." Holden says he has no worries, and he's just wondering if a "bitable" girl from high school came to his funeral. "See, this is what I hate about you vampires!" exclaims Buffy, "Sex and death and love and pain. It's all the same damn thing to you." Ew. I just had the disturbing thought that perhaps Buffy played dead in sex games with Spike, and that's what's really eating her about those sessions. Whine. I need the healing power of Krispy Kremes now. Totally off-the-wall theory I'm going to do my best to wipe from my brain in a haze of sugar. Holden dismisses Buffy's complaints as common "guy" behavior, but Buffy claims to know what she's talking about. Holden realizes what she means and exclaims, "Oh my God! Oh, well, you know, not my God, because I defy him and all of his works." Hee. Holden's matter-of-fact acceptance of his new evilness is very amusing. Villains are so much more fun when they're not all conflict-y and angstful all the time. He then asks if God does exist, and Buffy says there's no definitive word on that yet. Holden agrees to fight Buffy to the death if he's right about something. He asks, "Your last relationship -- was it with a vampire?"

Cut to Spike walking along a street with the woman from the bar. His body language is very shy, hands stuffed in pockets and shoulders hunched. They share a laugh. God help me, I was actually happy for Spike right here, because he looked cute and happy and I hoped he was getting the chance to move on. Oh, and because he was silent. I find it much easier to like Spike when he keeps his pretty mouth shut. Damn manipulative ME, softening my heart and really setting me up for the shocker at the end of the episode.

Willow and Ghost Of Cassie are still talking in the library. Willow mourns her actions after Tara's death, talking sadly about how she hurt and killed people. Ghost Of Cassie lets her off the hook with, "It was the power," but Willow retorts, "I am the power. It's in me." She makes a tiny quip about how she trashed the Magic Box, and I give a tiny sigh of relief over not having seen that set all season. Ghost Of Cassie tells Willow that the power is bigger than she is and that the spirit folks, including Tara, have seen Willow's path. "You can't use magic again. Not ever." I may be a little slow, but this is where I totally and for sure knew that Ghost Of Cassie was up to no good at all. ["Well, I'm very slow, then, because I didn't catch on until Cassie Ghost's next scene." -- Sars] The Word Of Giles trumps the word of a random baby-voiced ghost manifestation thingy any day. Willow is a little confused, but agrees that she won't use black magic. However, Giles has told her that "it isn't as simple as quitting it all cold turkey." Ghost Of Cassie shakes her head and insists that Willow mustn't use magic at all, as it's too dangerous. Willow gives in to the suggestion and says she'll be "okay," but Ghost Of Cassie has gone all party-pooper and tells Willow that not only will she not be okay, but that she will also "kill everybody." Willow is appalled, because her favorite go-evil-and-kill-people outfit isn't back from the cleaners yet.

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