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They fight. And fight.

NewBronze. I don't like this Bronze, I have decided. It's the Crystal Pepsi of Bronzes. All light and refreshing. Bah. A band plays, and a large crowd is dancing. Spike and Dru enter. Thanks, Powers That Be! Spike's back in his black clothes and leather duster. Languorously, without words, he and Dru take to the dance floor. Dru spots a couple making out on the mezzanine and twirls in Spike's arms. She points the couple out to him.

Back at Buffy's house, her mom fetches her coat and tells her she made the right decision, and that she needs to nip Spike's crush in the bud. ["I'd like to nip Spike's -- oh sorry, did I say that out loud?" -- Ace] Willow offers to accompany her and "back [her] up with some scowling," but Buffy declines. She wants to talk to Spike alone, and thinks perhaps he's already "gone back to wanting [her] dead." "Here's hoping!" chippers Willow, crossing her fingers. As she leaves, Buffy tells Willow, "There is one thing you can do for me while I'm gone."

At the NewBronze, the couple with large kill-me signs hanging around their necks are still swappin' spit. Spike and Dru stalk towards them in deadly slo-mo. Catching the couple unaware, Drusilla grabs the girl, snaps her neck, and tosses her to Spike. Dru then breaks the young man's neck and begins to feed. I can't get too choked up about it. They had it coming to them, what with the massive PDA. Spike stares at Dru with an almost anguished look on his face. He blinks as if on the verge of tears and then concentrates on switching to his vampire face. Spike and Drusilla feed.

The door to Spike's crypt opens and Buffy steps in, nervously calling, "Spike? Are you here?" No Spike, though; the place is empty and dark. For some nosey reason, Buffy then goes over to the slab covering the entrance to the sewers and slides it aside. She climbs down a wooden staircase into a cave-like space, scattered with bones and lit by a conveniently burning torch. Buffy takes the torch and looks around, walking further into the space, where she finds a tarp draped against the wall. Nosey Nellie pulls the tarp down and finds -- the Buffyquin! Oh man, I've been waiting for this scene for episodes. Suppose she'll find her skivvies and sweater here too? Well, poop. Buffy doesn't find her missing laundry, but she does find a whole shrine to her Slayer self, decorated with drawings, stakes, and photographs. There's a photo of Buffy sitting in a lecture, and what appears to be a graduation portrait. For a minute I thought that one of the drawings featured Buffy touching her tongue to her nose, but closer inspection reveals that it was just a trick of my crappy cable reception. Since we've never seen that Spike has any artistic talent (poetry included), it makes me wonder if the drawings are left over from the Angelus days. As tinkly music plays, the Buffster is appalled by her discovery.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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