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They fight. And fight.

As he rants that he should just kill both his pesky wimmin, he's suddenly cut short by a cross-bow bolt to the back. He falls to the ground, revealing that Harmony has decided to join this fun little party. Harmony is hurt that he's forgotten about his "actual girlfriend" and gives him a good whack with the crossbow, earning approval from Drusilla. Loading another bolt into her crossbow, Harmony utters an "I give and I give and I give and this is the thanks I get?" speech, but is interrupted by Spike attacking her. They fight, and I guess somebody flipped the "struggle" switch in Buffy's side, because she and Drusilla frantically work on loosening their restraints. Dru gets free first and attacks Buffy, who uses the chains on her arms as leverage for a series of flips. Harmony and Spike fight until Spike manages to knock her down. He then goes to the aid of Buffy, who's taking quite a beating from Drusilla, and unlocks her handcuffs. "Poor Spike -- so lost. Even I can't help you now," mourns Drusilla, and runs off in a sulky manner. Spike and Buffy just watch her go, because I guess this episode Buffy forgot she's supposed to have a calling as a Vampire SLAYER. It seems as though her business cards now read "Vampire Socializer" or something. "And you can say goodbye to this," says Harm, pointing at her ass, and leaves. Again, Buffy seems to have no compulsion to slay or even fight the departing Harmony. I must say I'm very disappointed that we had Spike, Harmony, Drusilla, and Buffy all in a room together and no one died. Any second now I'm expecting a news release informing us that our old MBTV buddy Plot Contrivance has permanently joined the Buffy writing staff. Left alone, Spike and Buffy stare at each other for a moment, and then Buffy decks Spike so hard he flies into his Buffy shrine. As she storms out, tossing her hair, he sits up in the wreckage of the shrine to watch her go.

Buffy walks up the sidewalk to her house. Suddenly Spike appears behind her, saying they need to talk and that having a little fight didn't change anything between them. Persistent bugger. I'm starting to believe that maybe Spike is only as fluent in English as any given member of the ZeroWing translation team. I mean, if Buffy is consistently telling him that there's no chance in hell, and he's still all, "All your base are belong to us!" Buffy rants that she wants him to leave Sunnydale, and that he'd better not come near her, her family, or her friends, ever. She storms up onto the porch and Spike follows, still claiming they "have something" and that she can't "just shut [him] out." She opens the door and enters the house; Spike attempts to follow but is stopped by an invisible force. Willow has apparently reversed his longstanding invite into the Summers home. For once, Spike is at a loss for words; he stares imploringly at Buffy as she slams the door in his face.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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