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Those of you who read the recap for "Anne" may have noticed that I was kind of hard on Marti Noxon. Well, here's her chance to win me over, because she wrote this episode. And I bet she will, too! Heh. Hee. Hoo hoo. BWA HA HA HA HA! WHUMP! Sorry, I fell out of my chair laughing. Where was I? Oh, the recap. Heh. Ha. Sorry, I'll stop now. Hee.

Previouslys. They contain the relevant scenes from the two episodes immediately preceding. The Buffyverse sure has been full of shiny happy people lately.

Buffy is unpacking. In a nice continuity touch, she appears to be unpacking the same bag she took on the bus at the end of "Becoming". She is, however, wearing barrettes in her hair that weren't there at the end of "Anne." But it's not impossible that she would have felt the need for a little hairstyle change, so overall I give the scene a B for continuity.

Continuity: A "B," huh? That's the highest grade I've gotten in a long time.
Couch Baron: You're not kidding. I mean, this episode aired three and a half years ago. I never see you in the shows I watch anymore. What have you been doing?
Continuity: Hanging out with Sars, mostly. She's been in a much better mood since she stopped recapping Dawson's Creek. We still watch it and play drinking games -- I have to drink for continuity errors, she has to drink for every anvil. We've never made it to the closing credits.
Couch Baron: Dude, don't you take any pride in your work?
Continuity: Look who's talking. I mean, you're recapping a whole conversation with me.

Buffy grabs a jacket and walks into Joyce's bedroom. Joyce, hammering a nail into the wall, jumps when Buffy addresses her and drives the pointed end of the hammer into the wall, producing the first of many awkward moments this episode. Joyce tries to break the tension by showing Buffy what she was preparing to hang on the wall -- a primitive Nigerian mask, replete with very large teeth. Joyce says she's doing it to cheer up the room, but Buffy says it better than I could: "It's angry at the room, Mom. It wants the room to suffer." Hee. The tension quickly returns when Joyce notices that Buffy has a jacket with her. Buffy haltingly explains that she'd like to find Xander and Willow. Joyce, with a too-eager smile: "Will you be slaying?" Buffy thinks not. Incidentally, Joyce's progressive attempts to understand Buffy's slaying are endearing. Ah, likable characters. It's been a while. And don't get your hopes up for the rest of this episode, by the way. Joyce clearly isn't sure whether to encourage Buffy to go, but eventually does just that, saying, "I just want things to get back to normal." Of course, "normal" on this show means that some evil being is plotting the grisly death of your daughter. So perhaps a few adjustments to the word "normal" are in order. Buffy beats a retreat.

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